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  Quiz Category (ies) 
Famous Movie Quotes, Part 4 Movies are fun, but do you know which one these quotes are from? Take this trivia quiz and explore the script-writers' endless wit.

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Name the Movie 
Quotes from Movies 
Horror Movies In Pictures Horror Films are unsettling films designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and alarm, and invoke our hidden fears, in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us. Look at the images and pick the correct movie from the multiple choices.

Quiz includes one or more images Select Quiz » 
Name the Movie 
Movies by Genre 
Famous Movies In Pictures 2 Part one of this quiz was very popular, so by popular demand, here is Part 2. Again, look at the photos and name the movie.

Quiz includes one or more images Select Quiz » 
Name the Movie 
Oscar Winners Photo Quiz, Part 1 All of the films in this photo quiz earned the Oscar® for Best Picture. In each question, view the image and the year of production and try to guess the movie. Good luck!

Quiz includes one or more images Select Quiz » 
Name the Movie 
Awards & Festivals 

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Movies by Year 
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