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When B-Movie Animals Attack!

Hide the children, lock grandma in her room, bolt the doors, load the shotgun, hide under the bed and try to answer these questions about "When B-Movie Animals attack!"
15 Questions, Hard difficulty
Played 252 times
Rating - (4.27 of 5.00), 11 vote(s)
Written by Phreekshow
Posted Online: Oct 24, 2006
Last Modified: Nov 1, 06

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When B-Movie Bugs Attack

They sting, they bite, they creep and they crawl. They are the perfect B-movie monsters. So grab a fly swatter, plug in the bug zapper, find the biggest can of Raid you have, then shut off all the lights and prepare yourself for "When B-Movie Bugs Attack" Spiders and scorpions included.

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Name the 1930's Movie Monster

It was Hollywood's heyday when the future was bright and anything was thought possible. Never could movie makers of the time have realized the impact they would make or the trails that they would blaze for the future. The movie monsters of the time (although not as nightmarish as the ones today) had a depth and character seldom duplicated and were played by actors who were themselves icons. So, sit back and relax and try to name the 1930's movie monster.

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Classic Movies At Their Best

If anyone is a Turner Classic Movie junkie as I am, this quiz should bring back fond memories of the great movies released from 1925-1950. These movies and their stars will live on.

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Attack of the B-Movie Dinosaurs

You thought it was fun to travel back in time. You had no problem cloning DNA. You even thought it was cool to travel deep into the remote rain forest to find a living Eden. Well, you were wrong! Now in order to save your life you are going to face the "ATTACK OF THE B-MOVIE DINOSAURS!"

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The New Classics: Movies

I love lists: first, last, only, best or the worse of movies or television or books or just about anything. So there was just a little bit of heaven today when I received my copy of Entertainment Weekly to find this issue devoted to The New Classics: The 1000 Best Movies, TV Shows, Albums Books & More of the Last 25 Years. Let's see how much you know about The New Classics: Movies.

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Cult Classics

It's in the eye of the beholder as to what a "cult classic" really is. Usually they are offbeat, eccentric, or surreal films with outrageous and unique characters or plots. They are often considered controversial because they step outside standard conventions and have limited appeal.

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