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The Fabulous Fifties

Questions on a great decade!
12 Questions, Hard difficulty
Played 1473 times
Rating - (3.89 of 5.00), 19 vote(s)
Written by shimonbentzvi
Posted Online: Aug 7, 2006
Last Modified: Apr 21, 11

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20th & 21st Centuries
1950s History

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United States In the 1950's

The US was a vibrant nation and world leader in the 1950's. This quiz asks question about prominent people, events, and movements during that decade.

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The Nifty 50's

Do you remember the 1950's? If you're like me and born afterward, definitely not! However, I don't feel that not living through a time period is a legitimate excuse for being ignorant about it. After all, it was a time that helped shaped the world into what it is today. So for all those who want to take a trip down memory lane or those that just want to learn about the past, here are 10 questions all on the 1950's!

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The 70's

Tom Wolfe gave the 70's their most famous tagline 'The Me Generation'. The psychedelic music of the 60s gave way to disco and the beginning of 'punk' music. Television saw the beginnings of social conscience television and ended the decade with 'jiggle' television. The world was horrified with the murder of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches and amazed at the skill of a tiny Romanian gymnast, named Nadia Comaneci. Richard Nixon resigned and the World Trade Center opened. How much do you remember of the 70s popular culture?

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Television History

Television is the most popular and one of the greatest 20th century inventions. By taking this quiz you will learn about the history of TV-set design, TV program development and marketing.

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The 90s

The world was introduced to Harry Potter and the ashes of the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry was put into orbit from a Pegasus rocket. Everyone knew the zip code of Beverly Hills was 90210, thanks to Arron Spelling, and Mariah Carey became the best selling female artist of all times. It's not been that long ago, so check inside and see how many facts, faces and fads you remember from the 90s.

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May 2009: The Month In Review

This was an interesting month which started with the announced pending retirement of a Supreme Court Justice, the nomination of the first Hispanic woman to the U.S. Supreme Court by Barack Obama, a blockbuster film that may have invigorated an iconic and foundering entertainment franchise and a historic space mission! I hope you remember these historic events and others mentioned in the 5th installment of my month-by-month quizzes in 2009. Enjoy May 2009!

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