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Pretty Woman, Part 2

Answer these questions on the famous movie. Good luck!
11 Questions, Easy difficulty
Played 1102 times
Rating - (4.28 of 5.00), 32 vote(s)
Written by thumper010405
Posted Online: Aug 18, 2006
Last Modified: Sep 22, 06

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Pretty Woman

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Police Academy

Does anybody remember this classic movie from the 80's? I am hoping that you do. There were lots of sequels to this movie but there was nothing like the original. Let's see how well you remember the classic flick from the 80's "Police Academy". Good luck and start quizzing.

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The Last American Virgin

This was a sneaky good movie from the 1980's. The title of the movie pretty much sums it up, so I don't have to get too graphic here. I was a kid when this came out , so I thought that it was the greatest movie ever. It actually has one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever. Every song in this movie is excellent. It may have been a little silly but it was definitely good enough for a 13 year old kid to like. I guess I liked it enough that it is now going to become a quiz topic, some 20+ years later. If you have seen this movie, then you should do just great. Good luck and start quizzing!

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The Longest Yard: The Original

This was a great movie that starred Burt Reynolds. The movie is about a former professional football player who gets sent to jail and then puts a football team together that consists of inmates. The team is put together in order to play a game against the prison guards. This was a really good movie. A re-make of the movie was released in 2005 which starred Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. My quiz is about the 1970's movie. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is no comparison. The original movie is much better then the re-make. If you liked this movie, then this quiz should be a breeze. Good luck!

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Meet The Parents

This is a hilarious movie from beginning to end. Do you remember this movie? If so, you should not have any problems answering these questions. Good luck!

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Captain Jack Sparrow

This quiz is dedicated to a very memorable and popular film character. The eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow!

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My Cousin Vinny

This is a funny movie from the 90's. Joe Pesci is great in this movie, as is Marisa Tomei. It is a movie about a fairly new lawyer trying to get his cousin out of a big mess. If you have already seen this movie, then you should do great. Good luck with the quiz.

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