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Next Friday

This quiz is about the movie Next Friday starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps. Good luck!
10 Questions, Hard difficulty
Played 522 times
Rating - (4.50 of 5.00), 10 vote(s)
Written by tigger0842
Posted Online: Aug 22, 2007
Last Modified: Never

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Next Friday

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Napoleon Dynamite - the Second of Two!

I promise I won't do another quiz about Napoleon Dynamite… even though I love this movie! Anyone else wish to make another quiz about this dude?

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The Longest Yard: The Original

This was a great movie that starred Burt Reynolds. The movie is about a former professional football player who gets sent to jail and then puts a football team together that consists of inmates. The team is put together in order to play a game against the prison guards. This was a really good movie. A re-make of the movie was released in 2005 which starred Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. My quiz is about the 1970's movie. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is no comparison. The original movie is much better then the re-make. If you liked this movie, then this quiz should be a breeze. Good luck!

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Napoleon Dynamite, Part 2

This is my second quiz on the movie Napoleon Dynamite, directed by Jared Hess. See if you remember the details.

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Meet The Parents

This is a hilarious movie from beginning to end. Do you remember this movie? If so, you should not have any problems answering these questions. Good luck!

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The Last American Virgin

This was a sneaky good movie from the 1980's. The title of the movie pretty much sums it up, so I don't have to get too graphic here. I was a kid when this came out , so I thought that it was the greatest movie ever. It actually has one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever. Every song in this movie is excellent. It may have been a little silly but it was definitely good enough for a 13 year old kid to like. I guess I liked it enough that it is now going to become a quiz topic, some 20+ years later. If you have seen this movie, then you should do just great. Good luck and start quizzing!

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Midnight Run

This quiz will be about the action/comedy film "Midnight Run". Robert DeNiro plays a bounty hunter who has 24 hours to catch a fugitive and bring him back to Los Angeles. I absolutely loved this movie and I am hoping that you did too. I will ask you a bunch of questions and you will need to provide some answers. I have done what I was required to do, now it's up to you to pick the answers. Good luck !

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