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James Bond's Dr. No

Dr. No (1962) contains elements that became symbols in Bond sequels. A megalomaniac villain, a beautiful girl conquered by 007 at the film s end. Sean Connery's first outing as James Bond made the secret agent legendary. Dr. No was the first international British film. Enjoy and good luck, Mr. James Bond!
11 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 567 times
Rating - (4.50 of 5.00), 10 vote(s)
Written by Remco
Posted Online: Nov 16, 2005
Last Modified: Feb 16, 08

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Dr. No
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"Elf" -- The Christmas Movie

This quiz is about the Christmas movie "Elf". This was a pretty good movie that did very well at the box office. It is basically about an adult "Elf" who comes to the big city to find his "human" father. He was adopted as a child and raised by elves. If you have never seen this movie, I suggest that you do so. It is a "feel good" movie for all. I will ask you some various questions and you will have to give some answers. Good luck!

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Godzilla! The Monster, the Myth, the Legend

He has thundered across movie screens for nearly 1/2 a century and in the process has become a worldwide pop icon! With his laser eyes, fire breath and enormous size he has destroyed Tokyo and other Japanese cities and towns over and over again! This quiz is dedicated to the legend, the Icon, the star and the Monster. GODZILLA!

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Grease 2

Although this film has the "Grease" name, it is no way like the original with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Even though it was supposed to be the sequel, it was very disappointing at the box office. Hopefully, some of you have seen this movie and will do well on this quiz.

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Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge on this Terry Gilliam 90's cult-classic movie starring Johnie Depp and Benisio Del Toro.

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From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love (1963) is the only Bond film in which the objective is to kill 007. In the other movies it is for a villain to acquire world domination. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. after having lost its previous head, Dr. Julius No to the secret agent set up a plan to trap James Bond. This evil scheme involves a beautiful Soviet agent, a decoding machine and our hero whom S.P.E.C.T.R.E. led by a new boss wants to liquidate physically. Enjoy and good luck, Mr. James Bond!

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Dracula 1931

This is a quiz dedicated to one of my favorite horror films ever. It is still a classic, due in part to the portrayal by its lead actor. Dracula from 1931 lives in the annals of horror as one of the best! Now my children of the night, let's see how well you know Dracula!

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