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How Well Do You Know Your 90's Music?

Do you think that you are a fan of 90's music trivia? Do you remember artists like Maxi Priest, Go West and S.W.V.? These questions will be a mixture of music genres. Are you ready for the task at hand? Okay. So without further adieu, I give to you "How Well Do You Know Your 90's Music?” Good luck and start quizzing!
10 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 657 times
Rating - (4.61 of 5.00), 33 vote(s)
Written by  sanitation
Posted Online: Aug 18, 2008
Last Modified: Feb 15, 11

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Music by Year
1990s Music

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This is a quiz on some of my favorite music from the 90's.

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The quiz title pretty much says everything here. I will give you some questions about music from 1990. I promise you that there will not be any Sinead O' Connor, Vanilla Ice or Mariah Carey questions in this quiz. Now you will be required to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Enough said? Good. Now start quizzing!

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I consider 1993 to be a very special year in my life. This is the year that I met my wife, so saying that this year is "special" is an understatement to say the least. Here it goes, I will give you ten questions about music from 1993 and your only job will be to provide ten answers. I have done my part, now it's time for you to do yours. Ready? Now go! Good luck and start quizzing!

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