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Famous Baseball Pitchers from the 70's

The premise of this quiz is pretty much self explanatory. I will give you a brief description of a pitcher who pitched in the 70's and you have to pick the right answer to the question. This sounds pretty easy, right? Well, if you think that you know all there is to know about baseball pitchers from the 1970's, step into the box and take a swing. Batter up!
10 Questions, Easy difficulty
Played 526 times
Rating - (4.89 of 5.00), 18 vote(s)
Written by  sanitation
Posted Online: Apr 23, 2008
Last Modified: Apr 23, 08

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Baseball Players

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With his recent passing, I felt that a tribute quiz to Yogi Berra was in order. As always my fellow trivia zealots, good luck!

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1970's Baseball Cards

How well do you remember your baseball cards from the 1970's? Is your old baseball card collection collecting dust in the attic or garage? If so, I suggest that you open up one of those old shoe boxes and take them out. They just may help you with this quiz. If you collected cards as a kid, then this quiz should be right up your alley. An avid baseball card collector should do very well on this particular quiz. Keep in mind that you must view the photo before answering the questions. I don't want to keep you from taking this "trip down memory lane.” Good luck and start quizzing!

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Famous Major League Sluggers from the 1970's

The quiz title pretty much describes what this quiz will entail. I will give a brief description about a power hitting major leaguer from the 1970's and you will be required to give an answer. I don't believe that this is too much to ask for. Are you ready to take a swing? if so, step up to the plate and take a crack at this quiz. Good luck and Batter up!

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Crazy Baseball Nicknames

Pick out the correct name of these baseball players.

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