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Before & After III

For my fellow Jeopardy! followers, I've decided to do another installment of the show's famous Before & After category. For those not in the know, here is an example of how it works: Question - "What 1999 Will Smith film adapted from the 60's TV series is set in this part of the White House Complex where the Oval Office is located? Answer - Wild Wild West Wing. Wild Wild West is the Before & West Wing is the After. The two answers share a word and become one answer. Don't worry about phrasing your answer in the form of a question. We'll save that malarkey for the real thing! Enjoy and good luck!
10 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 200 times
Rating - (5.00 of 5.00), 4 vote(s)
Written by Jeopardybound
Posted Online: Jul 13, 2014
Last Modified: Never

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First Name's The Same

In true Jeopardy! fashion, this quiz is based on one of their most popular categories. I will list three different surnames of famous people and you will have to provide their common first name. For example, if I say "Madison, Brown, & Franco", you give me the first name of "James". Don't worry, I won't make you phrase the answer in the form of a question. Let's begin!

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"G" is for Geography!

No, this isn't the latest in the detective alphabet series novels. Sorry, all you Sue Grafton fans. This quiz will be about the world we live in and all answers will begin with the letter "G". For the next 10 questions, the world and everything in it, will be all yours. As always, good luck!

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Common Bonds

For those who have played my previous quizzes, you should know that I love Jeopardy! and like to use their categories as the basis for my quizzes. This quiz is based off one of their frequently recurring categories and will test your ability to link certain terms. I will list three things and you will have to determine what they have in common. For example, if I give you "La-Z-Boy, ottoman, & chesterfield", you tell me that they are all types of furniture (or just "furniture" for short). Make sense? No, okay here's another example of what direction these questions can take. If I give you, "bulb, year, & my fire", you give me the common bond of "light". With "light", bulb becomes light bulb (a component that uses electricity to produce light), year becomes light year (an astronomical unit of length), & my fire becomes light my fire (a song by The Doors). Good luck and have some fun!

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Before & After II

For my fellow Jeopardy! fans out there, I've decided to do another quiz on one of the show's most popular recurring categories. Here is an example of a question and answer in the format of the category. "Who invented the Theory of Relativity while founding a famous bagel & coffee chain that originated from Boston Market in 1995? Albert Einstein Bros. Bagels. The combination of Albert Einstein and Einstein Bros. Bagels gives us the "Before & After". I hope you have as much fun playing this quiz as I did creating it! (Again, don't worry about phrasing your answer in the form of a question)

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Potpourri VIII

After creating a few quizzes on defined subjects, my scatterbrain naturally wants to gravitate back toward making a Potpourri Quiz. So without further ado, here is that hodge-podge quiz covering anything and everything. As always, my fellow trivia zealots, good luck!

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Potent Potables

I do believe it's time again to pay homage to Jeopardy. This quiz will focus on some of our favorite libations and some of our not so favorite libations, all depending on your taste. As always, good luck!

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