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  # 1  
2006-09-20 09:27:21
Join Date: 2006-05-25
This is a great place !!

Ive been here a relatively short time(may 2006) and have really enjoyed it here.Electing to be a gold member was a smart move to really achieve things in here,so if you are not sure,please just DO IT if you are serious about this place.I didnt realize until recently just how many quizzes are on this site.There must be enough of them to fil lDC's National Archives!!!Ive done well considering only being here 6m months.By hustling and working hard,Ive even been invited to the #1 team(NY Stongest)which was a real ego booster,believe me.Ive managed to get to 21st out of over 15,000 on this site,although moving up now requires a great deal of work.But what makes this site great is the concept of making your own quizzes to share with others.This is actually more gratifying then doing the quizzes themselves and its not hard to suddenly have ideas for a quiz9even while asleep!)So keep up the good work and hopefully this site will grow and stay strong...thanks again for letting me become a part of this and a special thanks to "sanitation"for letting me join his team and hopefully making it stroner.
SPARTANMAN47 aka Don Walden....from the City of Iron,Steel,and 5 super bowl trophies!!!

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  # 2  
2007-12-17 03:19:44
Join Date: 2007-11-07

This site is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Very Happy

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  # 3  
2007-12-17 07:04:24
Join Date: 2005-11-24

The best site on the web !!!!

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  # 4  
2007-12-19 17:22:20
Join Date: 2006-10-08

because of the great staff and contributors to this site I would certainly rank this site as my personal favorite! I have wasted countless hours playing quizzes, writing quizzes, taking contests, posting in the forum (Like now!) and just plain having fun! This site is right up my ally and it is run very well! If you have a concern, complaint or compliment the staff gets back to you with a response and that is unusual for sites like this one! My advise to really enjoy this site is to participate in every aspect of it at least once. Try writing a quiz or two post in the forum etc. But most importantly HAVE FUN! I wish you continued enjoyment from this site and hope to see you post here again soon!


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