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  # 1  
2008-05-25 16:03:08
Join Date: 2007-05-12
Pictures in Quizzes

I've been on this site a year and haven't made a suggestion yet. But this is something I've often thought about:

Would it be difficult to make the quizzes not only text based? Currently, we can click on an icon and it pulls up the image. I think that including the images for each question (say, the current size of the quiz image) beside it would be an improvement.

Why would this be a good thing?
(1) Unless a player wanted to see it full size, it would eliminate the need to have to click on the icon, making quiz taking faster and smoother.
(2) The Internet is all about eye candy - look no further than any blog, myspace page etc. for proof. Pictures would add that extra "zest" to a quiz that is lacking in a text-only format.
(3) The ability to add media to a quiz question is one of the many wonderful things that separate this site from the other trivia websites. Why not accentuate the positive? Imagine a hundred magazines on the same subject with no pictures, and one fully illustrated. Which one would be the most popular?

Just an idea. Maybe it would be too difficult to change, and maybe others disagree. Those with slow Internet connections would surely suffer - but dial-up is certainly a thing of the past, right? Something to think about anyway.

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  # 2  
2008-05-28 17:16:51
Join Date: 2007-05-12
crickets: chirp....chirp...chirp....chirp....

then again, maybe not

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  # 3  
2008-05-28 22:48:36
Join Date: 2005-04-08
RE: crickets: chirp....chirp...chirp....chirp....

Originally Posted by Gilligan
then again, maybe not


I think we will give it a try! A couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Most pics look awful when viewed as a thumbnail.
2) This site is able to recover costs thanks to ads. Simply put -- no ads, no site Smile You may have noticed that pics are wrapped in ads.


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  # 4  
2008-09-21 15:56:02
Join Date: 2006-10-08

I add pics to nearly all my questions. I am afraid that the quiz will look like a mess if it was in a thumbnail format! I could be wrong but I do not want to have to change my style of quiz writing!

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  # 5  
2008-12-03 11:35:36
Join Date: 2005-11-24
I have never noticed that the pics were wrapped in ads.

Wow !!!! That is great. I never ever noticed that.

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  # 6  
2009-01-31 09:50:36
Join Date: 2005-11-24
RE: I have never noticed that the pics were wrapped in ads.

Originally Posted by sanitation
Wow !!!! That is great. I never ever noticed that.

I never used to use pics but they are a necessity.

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