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Forum Areas > Team Forums > Cat Lovers > Happy Birthday Art Elias Sailor

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2006-02-18 06:36:50
Join Date: 2005-08-31
Happy birthday Art Elias (Sailor)!

Next Tuesday, February 21st, 2005, is my team colleague and personal friend Art Elias(Sailor) s seventy-ninth birthday. I just sent him a virtual post card, through the Dutch Kaartenhuis(House of Cards) website, to congratulate him, on this joyful event. He and his wife, will stay with friends, in Florida. Art , our senior member, lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He made quizzes, on the American Civil War,and the French Revolution. He played 72 quizzes for the team, so far, one of our most active members, in that matter. Well done, Art! He s written a quiz, on the Kentucky Derby, which I hope, the site s jury will place online soon. By the way, I hereby express my thanks and gratitude, to the website s jury, for their suggestions and recommendations, regarding my seventeenth , and most recent quiz, entitled ,Dutch Monarchy Trivia. In particular, Mr. Kamen Pavlov, and the editor, that took upon him or her, to adapt my my quiz concept, in order to have it placed online. Thank you, my friends! Also, I beg and implore Zoritsa, our former member from London, England, to rejoin the team. The problem, caused by the person that rated her quizzes so poorly, now has been resolved. She has no reason to fear, that I or other team members, would be harassed with letters. No fellow quizzer, harassed me, in any way, since I joined the team, on September 2d, 2005. We are eager, to welcome her in the team, again. I sent her a personal message, to this effect, recently, through the teams mailbox. Zoritsa, please hear my call, and join the Cat Lovers Team permanently. I hope to hear, from my young friend from Honduras, Miss Eliana Fernandez, with whom I exchanged e-mail addresses. She has not mailed me ,her precise date of birth, yet. I would like to post a message on the Team Forum, in order to congratulate her, on her birthday, too.I understand you are busy with school, and other activities, Eliana . I conclude, by congratulating once again, Smile Exclaim my friend and colleague, Mr. Art Elias, on his coming birthday. May as many friends as possible, join the Cat Lovers Team.
Kind regards, your Dutch friend, Remco van Prooijen.

You cannot currently post here   Page 1 of 1

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