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  # 11  
2007-05-21 07:07:54
Join Date: 2006-10-08
My Opinion!

I am one of those people as you know who does NOT mind having a differing opinion. Sanitation is very welcome to his. I know that he is interested in the success of this site and is one of the most committed and successful players on the site as well. But I do have to state my differing views!

I feel this is GOOD for the site. It will bring in new people and hopefully have them stay! It adds more competition to the site. It will also reward those who have been faithful to this site for so long! I have welcomed change on this site from the very beginning of my tenor not because I just like to rock the boat! (I must admit that sometimes I do!) but because I care about the site as well! I feel these changes will be beneficial to us all. I must also admit that they will be beneficial to me and my team as well. I understand Sanitations concerns and respect them!

I appreciate his hard work to get where he is now and his continuing commitment to the site. I also appreciate the idea of people who are on top wanting to stay there and keep thing in the status quo! I hope once the changes are implemented that Sanitation likes them and they benefit him and his team in the future!

Good Luck to everyone!



This is not an attack just a different viewpoint!

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  # 12  
2007-05-21 07:11:37
Join Date: 2006-10-08
RE: heh

Originally Posted by triumph
Sanitation well people in middle ages where very hapy to travel with horses and use candles too Smile But there is something called progress Smile The site cannot stay in one state forver soon there will be even more chnges Smile I can't see what you are afraid of here?

I do not think that Sanitation is afraid! He has nothing to fear! He is at the top of this game and this site and happens to be one of the most respected members here! I do think however that being at the top makes anyone content with how things are. He is comfortable with the site presently and I do not blame him! Maybe once he sees the new features then he will like them. Hopefully he will! I hope everyone enjoys them!


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  # 13  
2007-05-26 17:08:28
Join Date: 2005-04-08
Bunuses, update

The following bonuses are currently enabled:

Ring of Perception - for having played 50+ quizzes. Provides a 2% increase on your base score
Necklace of Learning - for having played 250+ quizzes. Provides an additional 2% increase on your base score
Sceptre of Enlightenment - for having played 500+ quizzes. Provides an additional 3% increase on your base score
Crown of Wisdom - for having played 1500+ quizzes. Provides an additional 3% increase on your base score

Authorship - for having 10+ quizzes online. Provides a 5% increase on your base score
Prolificity - for having 50+ quizzes online. Provides an additional 5% increase on your base score
Quiz Lord - for having 250+ quizzes online. Provides an additional 10% increase on your base score
Good Will - for having one of your quizzes placed online. Doubles your earned points while active (2 days)

More bonuses are currently being tested.


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  # 14  
2007-12-17 00:42:48
Join Date: 2007-11-07

I like bonuses Very Happy

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