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2010-10-04 17:41:46
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RE: RE: Bed Bugs!!! Yikes!

Originally Posted by Phreekshow
I used to do pest control and they are rediculously hard to get rid of. They can infest your bed, furnature,rugs even you walls. The problem in they are strictly nocturnal and they can find every little neek and cranny available. Most of the time the person who has this problem does need to remove the sourcei.e. a bed or peice of furniture. But only after they are under control or the cycle can just start all over again. They are also easy to transport from one placve to another. meaning if you have a bed bug free house but visit an area infected then you can easy spread the problem to your own home. That is why dorms and hotels are such an issue. Students coming home for a visit or a simple weekend away can start an invasion!

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