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You are here:    Home » Quiz Creation Guidelines

Quiz Creation Rules

Please view the rules below. Abiding by these rules and suggestions will save both you and the editors a lot of time. If you need help with the process itself visit the Quiz Creation Q & A page.

• Before You Begin

Writing quizzes takes some effort, involves research and requires creativity. Having your quiz online, being played by thousands of people is very rewarding. Players will score good quizzes highly and send many compliments. Only well thought-out submissions will be accepted, so please take the time it requires to write a good piece of trivia. One of the keys to writing a good quiz is to play as many games as possible, as this will let you know what formats are acceptable and give you countless ideas of your own.

• Pioneer

Try being the first to think of a new topic or find new ways to present a popular topic. Why not get creative with your favorite topics, twist them, stretch them, and approach them from unexplored new perspectives? Think unique, create a masterpiece that you will be proud of!

• Quick Tips

Quizzing is not the same as testing; good trivia questions provide just enough hints and clues, to make a question interesting and guide a knowledgeable player to the correct answer. For example:

- Instead of "Who wrote the first major scientific study on facial communication?" consider writing "What British naturalist published the first major scientific study on facial communication in 1872?" This gives some clues to the player - the author was a naturalist, he was British, and the work was created in 1872.

- Instead of "What building is architect, James Hoban most famous for designing?" consider this, more wordy question: "The construction of this famous building was completed on November 1, 1800. It was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban, who was inspired by the Leinster House in Dublin."

- Instead of "First references to indoor billiards date back to what century?" consider this, more informative question: "The first references to indoor billiards date back to this century, when the game became especially fashionable among royalties."

Remember, trivia is all about accurate facts and good clues. It is very important to be knowledgeable on the matter you are writing about. Now is the best time to read on up the topic, do some research and double check your facts.

• Most Common Errors

Please do not ignore this section, as it lists the most common errors made by writers. Chances are that, if you make these errors, your quiz will either take long to get approved or will be rejected.

Improper capitalization [ ? ]
Incorrect use of "Fill In The Blank" questions [ ? ]
Frequent spelling and grammar errors [ ? ]
Improper or insufficient information in the "answer explanation/interesting information" field [ ? ]
Time-specific questions (whose answers will change with time) [ ? ]
Linking questions to one another [ ? ]

• Plagiarism

Plagiarism is unacceptable in any shape or form. You have to use your own words. Quizzes, which include questions copied from a book, web site, or any other source, will be rejected. The same applies to any extra info, hints, answer explanations, images or audio. It is both unethical, and a possible copyright infringement. Please take this as seriously as we do.

• Bad Questions

• It's All About Timing

• Spelling and Punctuation

• Explain yourself

• "Fill In The Blank" questions

• Multiple Choice questions

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