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Yes, They Really Played In Only One Soap Opera

written by: thaibob
These actors are familiar names and are known for a particular TV show or movie. However, they also appeared either regularly or seldom on only ONE soap opera. Find the soap that they appeared on.

Question 1:

If you watched the "Mary Tyler Moore" show you remember Ted Knight as the no-talent broadcaster Ted Baxter. He also appeared in the early 60s as Phil Sterling on what soap opera?
The Secret Storm
The Edge of Night
Peyton Place
The Young Marrieds

Question 2:

Kathleen Turner was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Peggy Sue in "Peggy Sue Got Married". When she made her television debut in 1978 in this soap opera, she followed it up with her first film "Body Heat" in 1981. Name the soap.
Knots Landing
The Doctors
General Hospital

Question 3:

Although noted for his performance as Trapper John in the TV series "M*A*S*H", Wayne Rogers also played a part in a soap opera in 1959. Which was it?
Search for Tomorrow
The Secret Storm
The Edge of Night
Young Doctor Malone

Question 4:

Adrienne Barbeau, who starred as Bea Arthur's daughter in Maude, played on Broadway in "Grease" and, has been seen in many horror movies, was also involved off and on in one soap opera. Which one?
General Hospital, Night Shift
Melrose Place
Desperate Housewives
General Hospital

Question 5:

Joan Rivers, who won a daytime Emmy for her talk show, was a cast member of this soap in 1997.
Guiding Light
All My Children
As the World Turns
Another World

Question 6:

Shirley Jones, who won an Academy Award in 1960 for "Elmer Gantry" and was the star of "The Partridge Family, also played a part in a long-running soap opera in 2008. Which one?
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital
As the World Turns
One Life to Live

Question 7:

Blair Underwood is known for "Sex and the City", "LAX", "Fatherhood" and this soap opera in which he first appeared in 1985.
Ryan's Hope
One Life to Live
Guiding Light

Question 8:

Usher, known for his singing ability and for starting the career of Justin Bieber, acted in this soap opera.
The Bold and the Beautiful
Hyperion Bay
Beverly Hills, 90210
Sunset Beach

Question 9:

James Earl Jones has appeared on stage in "The Great White Hope", for which he received a Tony award in 1979. He's also won Golden Globes and Emmys. but which is the only soap opera that he appeared in briefly.
All My Children
Guiding Light
As the World Turns
The Bold and the Beautiful

Question 10:

Lee Meriwether, Miss America of 1955, had a recurring role in this soap opera.
Search for Tomorrow
Ryan's Hope
Guiding Light
All My Children


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