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Witch Hunts

written by: Sia
Witches have always been an object of mysticism and distorted ideas, born from various folk tales. Although we can never be sure if real witches did exist, there were women who were killed because their hair was red or their eyes green.

Question 1:

The witch hunts started as a result of the superstitions of some Catholic Monks. This Dominican monk is considered to be the initiator of the witch hunts as he prepared a detailed manual of deviltry for the Church. It did not take long before women in Southern France were sent to the stake, condemned for cohabitation with the devil.
Thomas Aquinas
Hugo de Boniols

Question 2:

The first woman accused of witchcraft was burned around 1275. This was the reason for her condemnation.
Participating in witch ring-dance rituals
Having intercourse with the devil
Healing a child with "magical" water
Bringing misfortune

Question 3:

Many of witchcraft "confessions" were extorted by means of torture, called "ordeal". This method of torture was not used during the process of the "ordeal".
The sound of trickling water
The Iron Maiden
Hot pincers
The Thumbscrew

Question 4:

Burning women who were supposedly witches was a common practice on the European continent. In England, however, they punished witches in this way.
Stabbed them with a silver lance
Starved them to death
Buried them alive
Hanged them

Question 5:

Most of the victims of the witch hunts were women. However, there were some men also burned, accused of being witches. This is why.
They tried to protect women accused of witchcraft
They often went out for a walk during full moon
They were more intelligent than other people
They collected herbs

Question 6:

As the witch hunts expanded, any woman could be tried as a witch, but in the beginning these were the most common victims of the Holy Inquisition.
Beautiful young girls
Women of middle age who gave birth to twins
Old, lonely women
Educated women

Question 7:

It was a common conception that the number of people involved in the witchcraft activities could be boundless. For example, in 1609 the witch hunting French official Pierre de Lancre stated that all 30,000 dwellers of the French region Labourd were witches, including these people.
Young girls

Question 8:

The famous Salem Witch trial started with an incident in January, 1692. A Caribbean-born slave was accused of initiating the witch phenomenon. Twenty more people were killed as no one of them confessed to being a witch. What was the reason that triggered the Salem witch craze?
Eight little girls from the town got ill with strange symptoms such as convulsions, incomprehensible speech, and trance-like states
Several babies in the town were born dead
A severe drought made the local river dry up
There were innumerable storms over the town destroyed the crops

Question 9:

This was a common torture method used in Scotland, which made the accused witch confess her deeds. The method caused hallucinations and made it easy for the inquisitors to extort confessions to flying, turning into animals, meeting the devil and taking part in witches’ Sabbaths.
Sleep deprivation
The Iron Maiden

Question 10:

Witch hunts still exist today. In 1981 a woman was killed by the mob, throwing stones at her as they believed she was a witch. This was the reason for stoning her to death.
Her sorcery caused a tsunami in Mexico
Her magic killed the child of a neighbour
Her spells were the reason for the ozone hole
Her sorcery incited the attack upon Pope John Paul II


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