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What Did Steely Say?

written by: skyblu1
Many people recognize Steely Dan's harmonious Jazz tunes, but how many truly understand what they're saying? Take my quiz and find out!

Question 1:

"On that tree, all graphite and glitter" is an 'oft misheard Donald Fagan lyric. Give the correct song title and lyric to this Donald Fagan tune.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
The Nightfly- "Down the drain of raft, light and litter."
DIY- "All to blame on graphite and glitter."
IGY- "On that train, all graphite and glitter."
IYG- "On that trail of graphite and glitter."

Question 2:

Continuing with this same song: Donald Fagan sings about a train that will transport people between New York and Paris. In this song, how long does this futuristic train take to complete the journey?
90 minutes
2 Hrs., 15 minutes
5 Hrs
38 seconds

Question 3:

"I kinda' like fryin' up my sad cuisine" is an actual Steely Dan lyric.

Question 4:

Whether you answered True or False above, what might be the next 'logical' lyric?
"Gettin' ahead, and coming up, with a Brand new musical theme!"
"Gettin' in bed, and curlin' up, with a Girly magazine!"
"Gettin' a bet, and coming up, with a Brand new strategy!"
"Gettin' the best, of burly dove, with a mangled tambourine!"

Question 5:

From their well known hit, "Hey 19", give the correct lyric.
"Moved down to Scarsdale, where the XXX am I?"
"Whose vow is constant, where the XXX am I?"
"Whose 'Wow' is constance, where the XXX am I?"
"Moved on Wisconsin, where the XXX am I?"

Question 6:

In Steely Dans ' 2003 album, "Everything Must Go", Donald Fagan advises us that it's our last call to:
order Scotch Whiskey
to do our shopping at 'The Last Mall!'
to make before our Monthly Minutes expire!
to K-Tel Records and Tapes! (but, wait, there's more!)

Question 7:

"Things I Miss the Least" is the title of a Steely Dan song.

Question 8:

Which Steely Dan song makes reference to 'the Custerdome?'
"Deacon Blues", from the album "Deacon Blues"
"Gaucho" from the album "Gaucho"
"Blues Beach", from the album "Everything Must Go"
"Aja", from the album "Aja"

Question 9:

"I drove the Chrysler, watched from the darkness while they danced...." is a lyric from which Steely Dan song?
"King of the World"
"Any Major Dude Will Tell You"
"Glamour Proffession"

Question 10:

"I'm a pool keeper's son!" is an often misheard lyric from the Steely Dan song, "Don't Take Me Alive!" What is the correct lyric in this song?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
"I'm a fool, keeper's son!"
"I'm a bookkeeper's son!"
"I'm a tool keeper's son!"
"I'm a fool, Kiefer's son!"

Question 11:

Continuing with "Don't Take Me Alive', a few lines later, Donald Fagan sings: "Well, I _______ my old man back in Oregon, Don't Take Me Alive".  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 12:

The opening line of the song, "Everything Must Go", from the album of the same title, is: "It's High Time for a walk upon the..."
Real Side
Tilled Side

Question 13:

From the song "Josie", which is the correct lyric?
"She prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire!"
"She plays like a woman with her eyes all wired!"
"She prays like a woman with her eyes all wild!"
"She prays like a Roman with her eyes unfilled!"

Question 14:

From "Everything Must Go":

"And if Dave from Acquisitions
Wants to get in on the action
With his ___________ in tow "

Question 15:

Give the correct line from this Steely Dan Smash Hit Single.

"Are you":
"Reelin' in the Eaves?"
"Reelin' in the Beers?"
"Reelin' in the Years?"
"Dealin' in the East?"

Question 16:

What do they call "Alabama" in the song "Deacon Blues"?
That state next to Mississippi
As often as they can!
The 'Crimson Pride'
The 'Crimson Tide'

Question 17:

Hey, and FINALLY a 'Bonus Round' for having played so well thus far! The phrase, "You were laid in Bayside", is an often misheard lyric from which Steely Dan song?
"Deacon Blues"
"The Boston Rag"
"Haitian Divorce"
"Don't Take Me Alive"


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