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Weird Driving Laws In the USA

written by: Turbochef
If you're planning a summer vacation, better check out the local laws and don't get a surprise! These weird laws are really on the books across the US. Can you believe it?

Question 1:

Which of the following is a legal offense in Glendale, CA?
Allowing passengers to hang any body part out of the window
Jumping in or out of a vehicle in motion
Allowing your dog to hang its head out the window while in motion
Having more than three colors on your automobile

Question 2:

In Connecticut and Tennessee, it is illegal to do which of the following?
Throw eggs from a car window
Drive with muddy tires on a street or highway
Put bumper stickers on your car
Hunt from a car or ATV

Question 3:

What can you not drive through in Georgia?
school zones
abandoned parking lots
state parks

Question 4:

Which of the following will get you 30 days in jail in Derby, Kansas?
throwing trash out the window
blowing your horn longer than 30 seconds
screeching your tires
road rage

Question 5:

In Youngstown, Ohio, it is a misdemeanor to do which of the following?
Run out of gas
Change a flat tire
Change drivers at a stop sign
Allow passengers to ride on top of the car

Question 6:

In Oregon, you can't do this any longer than necessary.
Ride with the trunk open
Sit in a parked car with the engine running
Leave your car door open
Ride with the top down

Question 7:

Hilton Head, South Carolina will ticket you if you do which of the following?
Spit from your car
Sleep in your car
Keep trash in your car
Swear while in your car

Question 8:

Which of these is illegal in Alabama?
Drive blindfolded
Wear sunglasses while driving
Drink or eat while driving
Smoke a pipe while driving

Question 9:

It is illegal to do this in your car in Rockville, MD.
Turn left on a red light after stopping
Sleep in your car
Shout obscene words from a rolled down window
Hang fuzzy dice from the rear view mirror

Question 10:

What can't you do in your car in Evanston, Illinois?
Change your clothes
Read a comic book while driving
Drive consecutively around the town square over 100 times
Drive with a gorilla in the backseat


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