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Wacky Jobs

written by: cadillac
This quiz features questions about some crazy jobs, that believe it or not, really exist!

Question 1:

This person runs into the water in search of the balls that the golf players strike inaccurately.
Golf Ball Swimmer
Golf Ball Water Hunter
Golf Ball Seeker
Golf Ball Diver

Question 2:

This person takes care of the hair and makeup of dead people.
Funeral Parlor Cosmetologist
Funeral Makeup Artist
None of these
Funeral Cosmetician

Question 3:

These people are most likely to be met in the labs of mouthwash companies, where they indulge in the smell of different breaths in order to test the products.
Breath Judges
Odor Judges
Breath Evaluators
Odor Jurors

Question 4:

This profession is related to making food look fresh and delicious on photographs and advertisements.
Food Special Effects Guy
Food Arrangeur
Food Designer
Food Stylist

Question 5:

These people have highly sensible noses and their task is to ensure that a NASA flight won't be aborted due to bad smells in space.
Smell Specialists
Master Smellers
Odor Analysts
Master Sniffers

Question 6:

This job involves taking care of all the certificates and registration issues of race horses, examining the horses and their identification marks and reporting the possible unconformities.
Horse Describer
Race Horse Specialist
Horse Analyst
Horse Identifier

Question 7:

This person works with machines used to coat popcorn or other products with melted cheese.
Cheese Operator
Cheese Sprayer
Cheese Melter
Cheese Sprinkler

Question 8:

This job requires dipping nuts in hot water, so their shells get softer, as well as maintaining the equipment and temperature.
Nut steamer
Nut boiler
Nut softener
Nut heater

Question 9:

These people, who get active when it is dark, walk around gardens, parks, lawns to gather earthworms and sell them for fish bait.
Worm chasers
Worm gatherers
Worm pickers
Worm collectors

Question 10:

This job requires sorting lasts(shoe molds) in numbered racks and transporting them to a storage room.
Mold sorter
Last sorter
Last putter-away
Last storage operator


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