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Urban Legends

written by: tojoyamoto
Are you familiar with these odd and creepy urban legends?

Question 1:

According to urban legends, the Titantic sank because it was carrying which of the following?
Jack the Ripper
A man trying to outrun a gypsy's curse
A cursed mummy
The Book of the Dead

Question 2:

According to urban legends, at Santa Fe's Loretto Chapel, this structure defies the laws of physics, standing without any support.
A stained glass window depicting Jesus
A spiral staircase
A 12 foot tall mirror
A stained glass window depicting St. Joseph

Question 3:

According to urban legends, in Plainfield, Wisconsin the ghosts of two murdered girls return to kill and skin their parents. Why?
The parents murdered them.
The parents sold the girls to be murdered.
The parents didn't report the girls' murders.
The parents didn't tell their subsequent son about his sisters.

Question 4:

According to popular urban legends, the ghost of an Indiana teen who was killed after 5 other teens pushed her into the sewer will kill anyone who doesn't do which of the following?
Light a candle in her memory
Forward her story by email
Repost her story on Myspace
Draw a cross on 5 manhole covers

Question 5:

According to an urban legend, in Geneva in 2002 an intoxicated groom was suffocated at his bachelor party by which of the following?
A stripper's large breasts
His jealous best man
Passing out face down on the shag carpet
His own tie

Question 6:

According to urban legends that spread in 1997, people in this country began pumping air from a bicycle pump into their rectum resulting in their explosion.
The United States
South Africa

Question 7:

According to a story, a teenage girl wears her new pair of shrink-to-fit jeans in the bathtub in order to acheive the perfect fit. Unfortunately, the jeans shrink so much that they kill her with their constricting force. What brand of jeans is responsible?
Calvin Klein
Abercrombie & Fitch
Tommy Hilfiger

Question 8:

Women who wear their purse straps across their chests are at risk of being beheaded by purse snatchers.

Question 9:

Thieves, rapists, gang members and psychopaths lie in wait under their victims' cars and slash their victims' Achilles tendon so they can't escape. When did this urban legend begin circulating?
The 1950s
The 1990s
The 1920s
The 1970s

Question 10:

According to an urban legend, an electrical worker is blinded for life when the following item/s fuse(s) to his eyes.
His contact lenses
His welding rod
His loose shirt cuff
His goggles


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