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Unusual/Uncommon Martial Arts

written by: thaibob
These forms of martial arts are not normally heard about outside of the country or countries where they are played. Each of the wrong answers will be identified in the answer section. Now put on your gloves and come out fighting.

Question 1:

Tinku sounds like the noise my old car made but it's not. What phrase would you connect with this art?
Potosi region of Bolivia
Founded in 1980 by Robert Puch
Mexican professional wrestling
African slaves in Brazil

Question 2:

Kajukenbo is not a computer game. What statement best suits this form of martial art?
It was developed by Morihei Ueshiba.
It means "Way of the Sword".
It originated on the territory of Hawaii, USA
It is the art of espionage.

Question 3:

Which of the following statements is true about Hwa Rang Do in Korea?
it means "The Way of the Flowering Knights"
It is a system of 18 techniques.
it is used by members of the Royal Court and traveling monks
It originated in the kingdom of Gogoryeo

Question 4:

Which of the following statements is true about the Asian martial art Lethwei?
It was created by the Chinese community of SE Asia.
It is unarmed Burmese martial art.
It was developed in Hue, Vietnam.
It is a Filipino foot fight.

Question 5:

Glima sounds like a nasty disease but it really is what?
technique of stick fighting
acronym for a style of Russian fighting
Icelandic term for "wrestling"
unarmed combat from the Holy Roman Empire

Question 6:

What is specific to the stick fighting known as Istunka?
It is a martial arts festival in Somalia.
It uses fire-hardened sticks.
It is practiced by herd boys.
It comes from Southern Sudan.

Question 7:

Bok-Fu or Bok Fu Do sounds akin to Kung-Fu but it really fits this description.
It is a Persian martial art.
It is a type of Chinese Wushu.
It translates to "White Tiger".
It means means "to bear a weapon".

Question 8:

Which statement is true about Sli Beatha?
It was founded in 1996 by police officer Craig Smith.
It means 'face to face combat'.
It is performed while brandishing a dirk.
It means 'stick fighting' in Irish martial arts.

Question 9:

Kbach Kun Boran and Kbach Kun Dambong Veng are associated with which country?
Myanmar (Burma)

Question 10:

Schwingen is considered a national sport in this country and takes this form.
Austria - grappling without touching the legs
Germany - grappling
Switzerland - grappling
Germany - grappling with swords


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