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Two Hit Wonders of the 1970s

written by: spaauw
Some artists in the 70s had a top ten hit which we think of as a one hit wonder. But we've forgotten their follow up hits, which didn't fare quite as well, though they made it into the Billboard Top 40. This quiz is about these two hit wonder artists.

Question 1:

In 1972, he had a #3 hit with "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right". The next year he didn't do as well with "I'll be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm)".
Dr. John
King Floyd
Luther Ingram
Bobby Womack

Question 2:

She had a #1 smash in 1976 with "Torn Between Two Lovers". Three years later, she only reached #39 with the song "Good Friend" (from the movie Meatballs).
Maureen McGovern
Maria Muldaur
Melissa Manchester
Mary MacGregor

Question 3:

This group topped the charts in the summer of '74 with the song "Rock The Boat". In the fall of '74, they didn't do as well with "Rockin' Soul".
Hyooze Corporation
Hews Corporation
Hughes Corporation
Hues Corporation

Question 4:

He reached #4 with "Run Joey Run" in the summer of '75, but didn't make it that far with "The Last Game Of The Season (A Blind Man In The Bleachers)" later that year.
David Gold
David Geddes
David Gray
David Gates

Question 5:

This Canadian band hit it big with "Sweet City Woman" in 1971. Five years later, they only reached #40 with "Hit The Road Jack", a song which featured Wolfman Jack.
Edward Bear
Brave Belt

Question 6:

She had a number 1 hit in 1977 with "Don't Leave Me This Way", but two years later only made it to #34 with "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning".
Natalie Cole
Minnie Ripperton
Phoebe Snow
Thelma Houston

Question 7:

This singer had a top ten hit with "Shannon" in 1976, but only got as far as #37 with "Springtime Mama" later that year.
Henry Gross
Eric Carmen
Kenny Nolan
Austin Roberts

Question 8:

This group had a big hit with "Moonlight Feels Right" in the summer of 1976. Their attempt the next summer with "Everybody Be Dancin'" only reached #38.
Starland Vocal Band

Question 9:

In 1973, they made it to the top 10 with "Stuck In The Middle With You." The next year, their follow up, "Star" didn't do as well.
Steal Away
Steely Dan
Stealer's Wheel
Steel Breeze

Question 10:

This singer reached number 6 with "Do You Know What I Mean" in 1971. His next song, "Can I Get A Witness", only made it to #39 the same year.
Dave Edmunds
Lee Michaels
Bobby Bloom
Jonathan Edwards

Question 11:

This artist had a #4 smash in 1979 with "Chuck E.'s In love". Her follow up, "Young Blood" snuck into the top 40 (at #40) for a single week.
Rickie Lee Jones
Brenda K. Starr
Emmylou Harris
Billie Joe McAllister

Question 12:

He hit #3 with "I Like Dreamin'" in 1977, but didn't fare as well with his follow up, "Love's Grown Deep" later that year.
Kenny Nolan
Gary Numan
Henry Gross
Larry Williams


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