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To Live and Trivialize In L.A.

written by: screen2screen
A romp through the mean streets of William Friedkins 1985 film "To Live and Die in L.A.", paying special attention to the more trivial aspects of the movie.

Question 1:

Masters did prison time at which facility mentioned in the movie?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Terminal Island
San Quentin

Question 2:

The famous car chase sequence takes place on what L.A. freeway, and where did the "minor traffic tie-up" mentioned by the female traffic reporter occur?
118 Westbound, near the San Fernando Rd Exit
405 Southbound, just beyond the Century Blvd East Ramp
101 westbound, near the 23 Freeway Off Ramp
710 Northbound, just past Henry Ford

Question 3:

What city is nearby to the place where Jimmy Hart goes looking for Rick Masters at the beginning of the movie?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 4:

The song "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" is playing in the background of the strip club where Ruth Lanier is working, when Chance comes in to question her.

Question 5:

Aside from having a small role as one of Masters' bodyguards, Jack Hoar is also a what?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 6:

What actress who had a small role in this film as Bianca Torres' girlfriend (Debra Feuer), later went on to fame in a supporting television series role?
Jane Leeves, Frazier
Jenna Elfman, Dharma and Greg
Jennifer Garner, Alias
Fran Drescher, The Nanny

Question 7:

What is Rick Chance' daredevil hobby/sport?
Cock Fighting
Bungee(Base) Jumping
Motorcycle riding

Question 8:

How much does Carl Codys' airline ticket to San Francisco cost, and what airline is it on?
$45.00, one way -Continenetal Airlines
$55.00 one way - Shuttle by United
36.00 round trip - Pacific Southwest Airlines
29.00 one way - Southwest Airlines, but only from Burbank!

Question 9:

Rick Chance's undercover name when he goes to visit Masters at his gym is Brenn Jessmine.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 10:

Carl Cody is captured in what facility at LAX, and what does he claim his profession to be?
On nearby Century Blvd., a male temptress
Cargo City section of the airport, a ramp services personnel
In a bar at the airport, a bartender
In a Men's room at the airport, a businessman

Question 11:

What is the name of Carl Cody's girlfriend?

Question 12:

The timeline in the story takes place between which 2 significant Holidays? (roughly)
Between Christmas and New Years
Between the 4th of July and Labor day
Between Easter Sunday and Memorial Day
Between Secretary's Day and Bosses Day

Question 13:

Ruth Lanier (Rick Chances' informant) has a line in the film where she talks about the stars. Basically, she says that the stars:
never shine so bright as when we're guilty.
are the eyes of God.
are the windows to the soul.
haven't been visible lately, due to the presence of the smog/marine layer.

Question 14:

Chance's boss, played by Robert Downey Sr. , informs Chance that he's decided to let John Vukovich work with him. Chance seems less than enthusiastic about this proposal, so Downey,Sr., true to his "pencil neck" form, tells Chance that he's welcome to fill out a:
A Form 19, listing all the reasons Chance would rather not work with Vukovich. (input would be kept strictly confidential)
A Request for Case Reassignment, which would effectively separate Chance and Vukovich, but would also effectively take chance 'off the case!'
Form23-A subpart 119-c, and request a transfer to the West Valley Branch office
A "witness of non-disclosure" form, submitted in triplicate to Headquarters.

Question 15:

What song is playing in the Background near the end of the movie, when Bianca gets in the car with Serena?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 16:

Since so much of this film has to do with transport (Mules to move money, car chases), it only seems to be appropriate to have a song dealing with trains on the soundtrack. Which of these songs was featured as background music on the Soundtrack?
The Conductor Wore Black
LA's Just a Whistle Stop for Me!
Slow Train Comin'
Gandy Dancers on the New Railroad

Question 17:

What is the song playing in the Background, when Chance first meets up with his informant Ruth Lanier?
Lullaby - Wang Chung
Black/Red/Black - Wang Chung
L.A. - Gil Scott Heron
Every Other City - author unknown

Question 18:

Lawyer Bob Grimes was able to get a client off the hook because of a 'faulty' search warrant. He says the warrant lists the house as being:
Grey, when in fact it's Maroon and Tan.
Brown, when in fact it's beige and yellow.
Peach, when in fact it's Chartreuse and off white.
Orange, when in fact it's Brown and Ecru.

Question 19:

In the scene in the Exercise Yard at the Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo, Carl Cody asks what kind of movie they're gonna be showing that night. The inmate next to him replies that he thinks it'll be an action flick, Bruce Willis or something. Yes or no?

Question 20:

Whose face appears at the very end of the film, after the credits roll?
Rick Chance
Ruth Lanier
Jimmy Harts
Eric Masters


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