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Those Were the Days - the 1940's

written by: shimonbentzvi
Enjoy a quiz on this very interesting decade.

Question 1:

Which is the most accurate number of casualties (including killed, wounded or lost) of World War II?

Question 2:

In 1942 there was a terrible ammonium nitrate explosion that killed 20 people. Where did it occur?
in the Atlantic Ocean on a cargo ship
Tesserendo, Belgium
Ludwig ,Germany
Cleveland, Ohio

Question 3:

Which statement is true about Pete Gray, who played outfield for the St. Louis Browns during World War II?
During this period Gray was the only player to hit 50 homers in one year.
Gray had only one arm.
Gray was legally blind in one eye.
Gray was the only person to lead in home runs while playing for a last place team.

Question 4:

What did Walter Morrison invent in 1948?
the Frisbee
Doppler Radar
the microwave
the solar battery

Question 5:

In 1947, this real-estate developer, a former Navy engineer, got the idea for a planned suburb community. He built the first community on Long Island, New York.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 6:

Which of these events did not occur in 1947?
The Dead Sea Scrolls are found.
The United Nations is founded.
The Polaroid Camera is invented.
Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier.

Question 7:

Which of these did not happen in 1941?
The siege of Leningrad began.
The Jeep was invented.
Mount Rushmore was finished.
The microwave was invented

Question 8:

Which statement is untrue about Jackie Robinson, who broke the "color barrier" in professional baseball in 1947?
When Walter Alston signed him, both Alston and Robinson received death threats.
He played three sports for UCLA.
He also integrated the city of Stamford, Connecticut.
His older brother was considered the best athlete in the family but was forced to take a job as a sanitation worker in Los Angeles because of segregation.

Question 9:

In the 1940's the USA began the Manhattan Project to build the first Atomic bomb. The first part of this project was to split the atom. It was accomplished by a team led by great Enricco Fermi. Where was it done?
Los Arbeles, Arizona.
Chicago, Illinois.
Roswell, New Mexico.
Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands.

Question 10:

The second part of the Manhattan Project was to make a usable atomic bomb. Who was the controversial leader of the team, working in Los Alamos?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Edward Teller
Albert Einstein
Louis Sziliizard

Question 11:

The 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine went to three men from Oxford University who played a significant role in the discovery and development of penicillin and its use as an antibiotic. Which of these scientists did not share this prize?
Sir Alexander Fleming
Ernst Boris Chain
Sir Howard Walter Florey
Paul Winchell

Question 12:

Which famous metaphor did Winston Churchill use in the 1940's to describe what Russia did to Eastern Europe after WWII?
The Russian "Winter of No Dissent."
The Soviet "Bloc"
The "Iron Curtain"
The Soviet "Gulags"


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