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The World at War

written by: bas191
I hope I've found some interesting facts from WWII that I would like to share with you. This is my first quiz but I hope you will enjoy it. It is a short one since I also love to know how it is received. I think I did everything to make it a little challenging.

Question 1:

In 1942 Gen. Montgommery went to the African desert and achieved victory at El Alamein that marked a turning point in the desert campaign. His predecessors had less success against the German African Corps. Who was Churchill's initial choice prior to giving Montgommery the post?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Ltn. Gen. W.H.E. Gott
Ltn. Gen. Ritchie
Gen. H. Alexander
Gen. Auchinleck

Question 2:

After conquering the vast majority of Western Europe, early in World War II, the German High Command ordered the construction of a string of fortifications known as the 'Atlantic Wall'. Parts of these barrier systems included mines, barbed wire, casemates and 'imitation stones'. What were these imitation stones?
Camouflaged bunkers
Circular machine gun emplacements
Pointed stakes just under water level, to sink landing craft
Stone walls suggesting the presence of bunkers

Question 3:

During the 1945 siege of Berlin by Russian forces, rumors spread among the German refugees in the Berlin Underground, that Russian T-34 tanks had entered the Underground.

Question 4:

In 1944 the Allies launched a very ambitious airborne and ground campaign into the Netherlands, codenamed 'Operation Market Garden'. Who was in direct charge of the 1st British Airborne Division?
Gen. Horrocks
Montgommery took personal control
Maj. Gen. Urquhart
Ltn. Gen. 'Boy' Browning

Question 5:

In 1944 the Allies launched 'Operation Overlord' starting the liberation of Europe. When troops entered the beaches and caught their first prisoners, they were surprised to hear this language.

Question 6:

What was the objective of 'Operation Hailstone' that was launched in 1944 by the United States Navy?
Attack on Iwo Jima
Raid on Tokyo
Attack on Truk Atoll
Attack on Okinawa

Question 7:

During World war II, Singapore's defenses were so strong that it was considered to be the 'Gibraltar of the Pacific'. However the city fell to the Japanese relatively easy on February 15th 1942. What was the main reason for this?
The Japanese assaulted Singapore over land.
A night-time Amphibious assault caught the defenders off-guard.
Pro-Japanese resistance groups caused havoc in the city, leaving the defenders confused.
Superior Japanese Naval forces bombarded the defenders into submission.

Question 8:

During World War II V-2 Rockets were never aimed at targets outside the UK.

Question 9:

What was the objective of 'Operation Husky' launched in 1943?
The bombardment of the Monte Casino Cloister
The final defeat of German forces in Africa
The landings at Anzio
The capture of Sicily

Question 10:

In May 1941 the Germans used airborne divisions to invade the Island of Crete. Who was the commander of these forces?
General Kurt Student
General Albert Kesselring
Major Otto Skorzeny
General Hans Sponeck


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