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The Wind In the Willows

written by: tojoyamoto
How much do you know about the book The Wind in the Willows?

Question 1:

The Wind in the Willows was published in 1908 without much notice. What famous author and playwright, best known for Winnie the Pooh, adapted part of the book for the stage in 1929, thus making the book famous?
Kenneth Grahame
William Horwood
E. H. Shepard
A. A. Milne

Question 2:

View the provided image.
This popular London illustrator of the Winnie the Pooh books did the drawings for the 1931 edition of The Wind in the Willows.
A. A. Milne
Bob Crantz
Kenneth Grahame
E. H. Shepard

View Image

Question 3:

At the beginning of the book The Wind in the Willows, what is Mole doing when he gets angry and goes above ground to the river?
trying to sleep
spring cleaning
looking for food
listening to Mr. Toad

Question 4:

View the provided image.
Who are these fellas in the row boat?
Pan and Weasel
Otter and Vole
Ratty and Mole
Ratso and Mr. Badger

View Image

Question 5:

What character from The Wind in the Willows becomes easily obsessed with items, only to forget about them soon after acquiring them?
Mr. Toad

Question 6:

The Wind in the Willows was first published in 1908. What Scottish-born writer and author of the story "The Reluctant Dragon" wrote this book?
Kenneth Grahame
A. A. Milne
E. H. Shepard
James Blish

Question 7:

What character from The Wind in the Willows gets lost in Wild Wood while looking for Badger's house?
Mr. Toad

Question 8:

In the novel The Wind in the Willows, Toad has crashed 6 cars, been put in the hospital for injuries 3 times, and has spent a great deal of money on fines. Toad's friends decide to do this to save Toad since he has no sense when it comes to his obsessions.
Make him live underground with Mole
Have him thrown in jail
Burn his cars
Put him under house arrest

Question 9:

In The Wind in the Willows, after Mr. Toad's friends perform an intervention on Toad, Toad escapes and steals a car. He drives like a fool, is caught and put in jail. How long is Mr. Toad's prison sentence?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
5 years
20 years
18 months
2 months

Question 10:

After Toad is imprisoned in the novel The Wind in the Willows, Ratty visits his friend Otter and learns that Otter's son Portly is missing. Ratty and Mole try to find Otter's little boy and are assisted by this Greek god.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 11:

In the novel The Wind in the Willows, while Mr. Toad is in jail, this person becomes fond of him and helps him escape.
The jailer
The jailer's daughter
Toad's attorney
Toad's cellmate

Question 12:

In order to escape, Toad from The Wind in the Willows is dressed in disguise. What is he disguised as?
The jailer
A police officer
An attractive female
A washerwoman

Question 13:

In the book The Wind in the Willows, shortly after his escape and still in disguise, Mr. Toad meets a bargewoman and tricks her into giving him a job. The bargewoman discovers Toad's trick and throws him overboard. He steals her horse and sells it to a Gypsy for what?
Money and stew
Another disguise
A ride back to Toad Hall
A place to spend the night

Question 14:

In The Wind in the Willows, Mr. Toad tries to hitchhike back to the River Bank community. What is the significance of the car and driver that give Toad a ride?
It is Toad's car, and Badger is the driver
It is an undercover police car
It is Rat's car, and Badger is the driver
It is the same car that Toad stole earlier

Question 15:

After his jail escape, The Wind in the Willows character, Toad, learns from Ratty that Toad Hall has been taken over by these Wild Wood animals.
the birds
the squirrels and chipmunks
the rabbits and otters
the weasels, stoats and ferrets

Question 16:

In 1949 Disney released their animated versions of The Wind in the Willows and this short story.
"Rip Van Winkle"
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
"Chicken Little"
"Mickey and the Beanstalk"

Question 17:

In 1967 this British rock band released their first album. It was titled after Chapter 7 of The Wind in the Willows: "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn."
The Beatles
Jethro Tull
Pink Floyd
The Doors

Question 18:

Based on Mr. Toad's car driving in The Wind in the Willows, "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" was established in 1955. What is it?
a board game
a Wyoming state police manual
a ride at Disneyland
a brand of tennis shoes


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