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The United States In World War One

written by: danmontg
The United States entered World War One later than the other main belligerents. However, the US played an important role in that war and was a factor in Allied victory. This is a general quiz about the US in that war.

Question 1:

World War one broke out in 1914 but the US did not enter the war as a belligerent until what year?

Question 2:

Which of the following were factors that caused the US to enter World War One on the side of the Allies (Britain, France, Russia and other smaller nations)?
German sinking of US merchant ships by German submarines
All of these
US cultural ties with Britain and France
Britain and France were democracies, while German and Austrian governments were much less democratic.

Question 3:

Who was President of the United States during World War One?
Warren G. Harding
William McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson

Question 4:

The US President said that the purpose of the US fighting in World War One was which of the following?
to gain colonies for the United States
to make the world safe for democracy
to show that the US was a powerful nation
to destroy the German Empire

Question 5:

What was the only part of the US military establishment that was reasonably prepared for war at the beginning of US participation in World War One?
the US Air Force
the US Army
The US Navy
the US government in Washington DC

Question 6:

Who was the military commander of US Army forces in Europe in World War One?
John Pershing
Douglas MacArthur
Dwight Eisenhower
George Patton

Question 7:

In World War One US Army Sergeant Alvin York is best remembered as which of the following?
The first American killed in France
A traitor who gave military information to the Germans
A battlefield hero and Medal of Honor recipient
An army pilot who was the first to become an "ace" by shooting down five enemy planes

Question 8:

When US troops reached Europe to join the fighting in World War One, they had to learn quickly how to fight this type of warfare.
armored warfare
nearly static trench warfare
air warfare which completely dominated the battlefield as well as the air.
mobile warfare using cavalry and fast moving foot soldiers

Question 9:

US forces played a major part in stopping the final great German offensive of World War One partly by stopping the German advance at this location.
the Somme

Question 10:

What future US President fought as an artillery captain in World War One?
Franklin Roosevelt
Calvin Coolidge
Harry Truman
Herbert Hoover

Question 11:

Most Americans were angry when they heard about the Zimmerman Telegram. What did the German foreign minister promised Mexico in this telegram?
None of these
the latest submarine technology in return for German Submarine bases in Mexico
territory in the southwest United States which had once been Mexican territory if Mexico would form an alliance with Germany against the US
a large reward in gold which would be part of the indemnity the Allies would pay after the German victory (which of course did not occur) if Mexico declared war on the US

Question 12:

A revolution in one of the main powers eventually forced that nation to drop out of World War One. Fortunately for the Allies the entry of the US largely made up for the loss of this nation. What was the nation?
Irish Free State


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