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The Short Story

written by: shimonbentzvi
This is a hard quiz on short stories.

Question 1:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
Babylon Reconstructed-F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Spinoza of Market Street-Isaac Bashevis Singer
The Devil's Advocate-John Grisham
The Devil and Daniel Webster-Stephen Vincent Benet

Question 2:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
The Strong Survive-Franz Kafka
Alibi Ike-Ring Lardner
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-James Thurber
Sweat-Zora Neale Hurston

Question 3:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
The Lotus Eater-W. Somerset Maugham
Islands to the South-Ernest Hemingway
Tonio Kruger-Thomas Mann
The Hunger Artist-Franz Kafka

Question 4:

What is the essential element of a short story?
A short period of time is covered.
The description of scenery is used to paint a complete picture.
They open with a historic scene.
The complete description of the main character's psyche is used to set the scene.

Question 5:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
The Lost Room-Fitz James O'Brien
Notes From the Underground-Leo Tolstoy
The Blue and the Gray-Louisa May Alcott
Daisy Miller: A Study-Henry James

Question 6:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
Bottom's Day-Andrea McDavis
The Necklace-Guy de Maupassant
Two Hearts That Beat as One-Frank Norris
The Gentleman from San Francisco-Ivan Bunin

Question 7:

Which term refers to a prose fiction work that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel?
An intermediary tale
A novella
An allegory
A tale

Question 8:

Which short story is listed with the WRONG author?
The Diamond Lens-Fitz James O'Brien
The Death of Ivan Ilych-Leo Tolstoy
Death in the Afternoon-John Steinbeck
The Life in the Iron Mills-Rebecca H. Davis

Question 9:

Which story is listed with the CORRECT author?
The Upper Berth-Mary E. Wilkins
The Man Without a Country-E. E. Hale
Marjorie Drew-F. M. Crawford
The Humble Romance-T. B. Aldrich

Question 10:

Which short story ids listed with the WRONG author?
A Man Called Horse-Louis L'Amour
The Little Countess-Enrico Castlenuovo
The Attack on the Mill-Emile Zola
Love in Old Clothes-H. C. Bunner

Question 11:

Which story is listed with the WRONG author?
The Gift of Cochise-Leo G. Carroll
Eagles Over Croaked Creek-Max Brand
Dubliners-James Joyce
The Yellow Wallpaper-Charles Perkins Gilman


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