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The Sappiest Love Songs from the 70's - Volume. 2

written by: sanitation
This will be the 2nd installment of a series of quizzes that will feature the sappiest love songs of the 1970's. Some of these songs just make you want to punch the person next to you while they are playing. I personally love all the sappy songs from the 70's but not everybody feels the same way that I do. I have handpicked some songs that I feel have to be included on a quiz such as this. Good luck and start quizzing!

Question 1:

View the provided image.
The song "(You're) Having My Baby" was a popular "sappy" song for Paul Anka and this singer in 1974.
Jean Knight
Tammi Terrell
Kim Weston
Odia Coates

View Image

Question 2:

Which one of the following singers gave us "Don't Give Up On Us", one of the "sappiest" love songs to come out of the 70's?
Jimmy Soul
Jimmy "Brahkner" Stabile
David Soul
Patricia Smith from 41st Street

Question 3:

View the provided image.
When I think of the "sappiest" songs to come out of the 1970's, I can't help but think about the song "You Light Up My Life". Which one of the following singers gave us this hit song?
Phoebe Snow
Debby Boone
Juice Newton
Melissa Manchester

View Image

Question 4:

The song "Can't Smile Without You" was a big "sappy" song for this singer in 1978.
Barry Manilow
Andy Gold
Gino Vanelli
Stephen Bishop

Question 5:

View the provided image.
Which one of the following groups gave us the "sappy" 70's love song "Beth"?
Uriah Heep
Lipps Inc.

View Image

Question 6:

This 70's "one hit wonder" really made a splash in the music industry with the song "Emotion".
France Joli
Samantha Sang
Juice Newton
Nicolette Larsen

Question 7:

View the provided image.
The song "Precious and Few" was one of the "sappiest" songs to come out of the 70's. Can you tell me who sang this extra sappy song?
Climax Blues Band
First Class

View Image

Question 8:

"Please Come to Boston" was a popular "sappy" song for this singer in 1974.
Ken E. Loggins
Dave Loggins
Jim Messina
Kenny Loggins

Question 9:

View the provided image.
"When Will I See You Again" was a monster hit song for this group in 1974.
The Average White Band
The Emotions
The Three Degrees

View Image

Question 10:

You can't make a "Sappiest Love Songs of the 70's" quiz without the song "Seasons in the Sun". Which singer gave us this unforgettable classic hit from the 70's?
Jack Terry
Terry Jacks
Ralph Terry
Morris Albert


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