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The Oscars

written by: shimonbentzvi
At only 3.5 inches and 8.5 pounds, it is as big as the Empire State Building to those who win it. Verify your knowledge of one of the most prominent and prestigious film awards in the world, The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars.

Question 1:

Ben-Hur (1959), Titanic (1997), and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) all won the same numbers of Oscars. How many?

Question 2:

Name the American film producer, director, and animator who was nominated for 64 Oscars and won a record-setting 26 Academy Awards.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 3:

The Color Purple (1985) and The Turning Point (1977) share a distinction regarding their participation in the Academy Awards. What is it?
They both received an award for best cinematography.
They both won all the awards they were nominated for.
They are tied for the record of receiving the most nominations of all time.
They both received 11 Oscar nominations but won none.

Question 4:

During World War II, the Oscar was made of plastic instead of metal because of war shortages. There was also one single Oscar of made of wood, which was awarded to whom?
Peter Bergman
Woody Allen
Edgar Bergen
Marlon Brando

Question 5:

Which of these Oscar winning movies has the longest runtime?
Gone With the Wind
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lawrence of Arabia
Ben Hur

Question 6:

This American film director, most famous for his westerns, won 4 Academy Awards for Best Director.
Frank Capra
Woody Allen
John Ford
William Wyler

Question 7:

The movie, Wings, holds a unique record in the history of the Academy Awards. What is it?
It is the first film to win 4 Oscars.
It is the only movie to win both Best Cinematography and Best Original Song awards.
It is the only black and white movie to win a Best Picture award.
It is the only silent movie to win a Best Picture award.

Question 8:

Bing Crosby, Al Pacino, Peter O'Toole, and Paul Newman have what in common as award nominees of the Academy Awards?
They were all nominated for two Oscars for playing the same role in different films.
Each of them was nominated for Oscars in three separate decades.
They all won awards for playing the same character in a single film.
They all publicly declared they would refuse their awards if they win.


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