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The Notebook

written by: Pinktink87
If you watched carefully this magnificent 2004 movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' moving love story, you won't have any problems with this quiz.

Question 1:

Young Noah Calhoun, a character from the movie "The Notebook", is instantly smitten with seventeen-year-old Allie Hamilton, when he spots her at a carnival. What is the first thing Noah says to Allie?
Would you like to dance?
Would you like to ride with me on the Ferris Wheel?
Would you like to go out with me?
Would you like to go for a walk?

Question 2:

In the 2004 film, "The Notebook", Noah decides to do something insane to grab Allie’s attention. What does he do to make Ally agree to go on a date with him?
He jumps onto the Ferris wheel and hangs from the bars until she agrees to go out with him.
He uses a friend of his to arrange a date with Allie at the movies.
He lays down in the middle of the street and refuses to get up.
He stops the Ferris wheel and keeps her up with him until she agrees to go out with him.

Question 3:

In the movie, Allie's parents take her away in order to separate her from Noah. What else does Allie's mother do to keep the young lovers apart?
She finds a fiance for Ally.
She hides the letters Noah sends to Allie.
She threatens Noah and forces him to leave the country.
She tells Allie that Noah was killed in the war.

Question 4:

In the movie version of "The Notebook", while Noah fights in World War II in Europe, his father does something that fascinates and deeply moves Noah. What is it?
His father wins a lot of money gambling and sends them to Allie.
His father sells the house so Noah can buy the one he had always wanted.
His father finds a fiancee for Noah.
His father contacts Allie and tells her about the letters Noah has been sending.

Question 5:

In a scene from "The Notebook", Allie suddenly experiences a great shock and faints for what reason?
She sees Noah's picture in front of their dream house in the newspaper.
She sees Noah with his neighbor, Martha.
Her mother reveals to her that she had been hiding the letters Noah wrote.
Noah shows up in the middle of her wedding.

Question 6:

In the movie, when the already grown-up Allie is just about to leave Noah's house, he asks her to come the next day because he has something to show her. Where does he take her when she comes back in the morning?
On a walk along the street they lay on together 7 years ago.
On a boat ride.
To his old house.
To the movie they watched 7 years ago.

Question 7:

In the movie "The Notebook", when Allie's mother comes and takes Allie from Noah's house, the two have a talk as a result of which Allie finds out what?
Her mother does not love her father anymore.
Her mother had the same impossible love when she was young.
Her mother has been unfaithful to her father.
Her mother intends to leave her father for her first love.

Question 8:

The movie, "The Notebook" is a love story, where an elderly man reads bits and pieces of a love story of two young lovers, to his female companion. It later becomes apparent that the female companion is in fact Allie, who is now suffering from what disease?
Aarskog syndrome
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Alzheimer's Disease

Question 9:

In the movie, "The Notebook", Noah is occasionally shown as an old man, who does what to help Allie overcome her medical condition?
Read a story to her
Take her on a boat ride
Show her pictures
Take her back to their house

Question 10:

What happens on the quay in the movie "The Notebook", when Allie and Noah return from the boat ride in the heavy rain?
Noah jumps off the quay.
Allie kisses Noah.
Noah Kisses Allie.
Allie bursts into tears.


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