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The New Deal

written by: danmontg
Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" program attempted to deal with the Great Depression and some of the inequities of American life. It brought changes in the United States, some of which still effect Americans today. How much do you know about the New Deal?

Question 1:

View the provided image.
What President preceding Franklin Roosevelt had been ineffective in dealing with the Great Depression?
Herbert Hoover
Warren Harding
Woodrow Wilson
Calvin Coolidge

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Question 2:

View the provided image.
Though there are a few dissenters, the majority of historians would agree that the Great Depression was started by which of the following?
the sudden rise in taxes in 1929
economic troubles in Europe that spread to the US
the crash of several large banks that overextended themselves
the Wall Street Crash of 1929

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Question 3:

What was the goal of Roosevelt's New Deal program?
make reforms that would improve society and the economy
provide relief to people too poor to adequately meet the basic necessities of life.
all of these
start government programs that would help the economy recover

Question 4:

In a famous statement from his first inaugural address, President Roosevelt said that this was the only thing Americans had to fear.
foreign economic epidemics
too much government intervention in the economy
greedy bankers and financiers
fear itself

Question 5:

View the provided image.
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), established by President Roosevelt, planted trees, improved national forests, etc. and was primarily intended to provide basic necessities to this group of people.
people with physical disabilities
minority groups who often suffered from employment discrimination
widowed or single women who had to support children
young men who could not find work

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Question 6:

View the provided image.
Which of the following New Deal programs was a failure and was quietly abandoned by the Roosevelt administration?
Rural Electrification Administration (REA)
Social Security system
Works Progress Administration (WPA)
National Recovery Act (NRA)

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Question 7:

The Public Works Administration (PWA), that was created as part of the New Deal program, attempted to improve the economy by which of the following?
hiring many unemployed people to build schools, roads, etc.
reducing the amount of government money spent on infrastructure
None of these
allowing banks to give low interest rates on loans for construction projects

Question 8:

View the provided image.
Which part of the US government was made up mostly of old men who blocked several New Deal acts?
The Supreme Court
The Department of Labor
The House of Representatives
The Senate

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Question 9:

Which of the following US population groups was LEAST likely to support Roosevelt and the New Deal?
poor whites
upper middle class whites
African Americans

Question 10:

Why did many people criticise the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) of 1933?
Encouraged overproduction by farmers
Paid farmers to grow less than previously
Gave aid only to Caucasian farmers
Gave all farmers very large subsidies

Question 11:

President Roosevelt skillfully communicated with the American people through which of the following?
frequent train trips throughout the nation in which he spoke at many gatherings
radio "fireside chats"
weekly newspaper column called "Why a New deal?"
use of television for the first time in US politics

Question 12:

Which of these was created by Roosevelt to insure that the stock market was properly regulated?
Securities and Exchange Commission
enlarged Justice Department
financial and securities branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Investigative branch of the Treasury Department

Question 13:

View the provided image.
During the mid-1930's many midwest farmers suffered greatly from which of the following?
hordes of city dwellers seeking food in the countryside
heavy flooding by major rivers such as the Missouri and the Mississippi
a drought which caused a "dust bowl"
massive numbers of locusts that destroyed may crops

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Question 14:

Although it did not happen, many Americans feared that the Great Depression would greatly increase the power of this political party.
The American Labor Party
The Black Power Party
The Communist Party of the USA
The Democratic Party

Question 15:

View the provided image.
Which of the following was the strongest factor that finally ended the Great Depression?
Roosevelt's work programs that supplied many jobs
Large public works projects such as the Tennessee Valley Authority
World War Two
The growing strength of the US dollar against European currencies

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