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The New Classics: Movies

written by: silverqueen
I love lists: first, last, only, best or the worse of movies or television or books or just about anything. So there was just a little bit of heaven today when I received my copy of Entertainment Weekly to find this issue devoted to The New Classics: The 1000 Best Movies, TV Shows, Albums Books & More of the Last 25 Years. Let's see how much you know about The New Classics: Movies.

Question 1:

View the provided image.
The movie that took the # 1 spot on the New Classics list was directed by a video rental store clerk turned iconic independent film director. Can you name the 1994 film Entertainment Weekly describes as a "low-down dirty tale of L.A. hitmen, palookas and femmes fatales"?
Pulp Fiction
L. A. Confidential
Kill Bill

View Image

Question 2:

One film from 2006 made The New Classics list at # 19. Who played Bond, James Bond?
Roger Moore
Daniel Craig
Viggo Mortensen
Sean Connery

Question 3:

View the provided image.
Entertainment Weekly listed several subcategories of New Classic movies. Under Five Romantic Gestures, John Cusack holds up a boombox underneath the bedroom window of a lovetorn Ione Skye. The song is Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes, but what is the name of the movie?
Some Kind of Wonderful
Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
Say Anything

View Image

Question 4:

This movie, that made the New Classics list, is the first entirely computer generated film but it's the 'secret lives of playthings' brought out with 'real warmth' that won the Entertainment Weekly vote. Can you name Pixar's story of Buzz Lightyear and Woody?

Question 5:

"I see dead people." is the quote that everyone remembers from the 1999 movie that took 6th place on the Entertainment Weekly New Classics list. Haley Joel Osment was brilliant as Cole Sear but who played child psychologist, Dr. Malcom Crowe?
Bruce Willis
Kevin Spacey
Donnie Wahlberg
George Clooney

Question 6:

A heart-touching story about two people in love kept apart by time and circumstance. A love story that touched the hearts of Middle America even though the lovers were two men. Heath Ledger plays the part of cowboy Ennis Del Mar. Who plays the part of cowboy Jack Twist?
Toby McGuire
Matt Damon
Jake Gyllenhaal
Casey Affleck

Question 7:

View the provided image.
Ziyi Zhang won MTV's Best Fight Scene which was noted as 'Ziyi Zhang vs the bar'. What Ang Lee movie, the "first foreign-language film to ever gross over $ 100 million in the U. S.", was placed in the 49th spot on the Entertainment Weekly New Classics List?
The House of Flying Daggers
Purple Butterfly
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

View Image

Question 8:

What actor "sans intestines", bellows "Freedomm" in a movie listed under the category of Five Cool Deaths by Weekly Entertainment?
Samuel Jackson
Matt Damon
Mel Gibson
Russell Crow

Question 9:

Who was the actor who knew, "You should always serve white wine with fish and Chianti with census takers".?
Steve Buscemi
Will Patton
Anthony Hopkins
Tony Perkins

Question 10:

According to Entertainment Weekly this director: "filmed an unfilmable novel, made a nine-hour trilogy that lives and breathes like one movie and got a riveting performance out of a slithery CG cave dweller."
James Cameron
Ang Lee
Peter Jackson
John Landis


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