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The Great Jazz Trombonists

written by: shimonbentzvi
This is a very difficult quiz on masters of a very difficult instrument.

Question 1:

This great jazz trombonist and vibraphonist was playing with prominent groups by the mid-1930's, when he was just hitting his twenties. From 1947-1951 he played with Duke Ellington and his "wah-wah" trombone work was featured in "The Liberian Suite". He is famous for writing "Sultry Serenade", now a jazz standard.
Tyree Glenn
Kai Winding
Bill Watrous
Jimmy Dorsey

Question 2:

This Texas-born musician, who was a jazz professional since he was 10, is generally considered the most innovative trombonist of the Pre-Bebop era. He is best known for his duets with Louis Armstrong and for interjecting the blues sound into almost every piece he played.
Bill Watrous
"Slide" Hampton
Jack Teagarden
Frank Rosolino

Question 3:

This Indiana-born virtuoso, widely regarded as the most important trombonist of all time, is most famous for his compositions "Wee Dot", "Lament", and "Enigma". His career spanned 1942-1996.
Doc Banton
J.J. Johnson
Kai Windig
Frank Rosolino

Question 4:

This great trombonist, who spent his best years with Duke Ellington, is famous for developing "the ya -ya" technique. He was one of the first users of the plunger to create the "wah-wah" sound used by Ellington to get the "jungle band" sound he wanted.
Joe Nanton
Tyree Glenn
"Slide" hampton
Bill Watrous

Question 5:

Unlike many other jazz greats, this Louisiana-born trombonist spent many years in the house bands in the Las Vegas casinos. He recorded on more than 70 albums until his own album appeared in 1985.
Jack Teagarden
Carl Fontana
Bill Watrous
Frank Rossolino

Question 6:

This Detroit-born musician started out as a guitarist and switched to the trombone at 14. After WWII he played with many of the top bands and musicians. He was closely associated with the group SuperSax. In 1978 he committed suicide in Los Angeles. The International Trombone Association has an award named for him.
"Slide" Hampton
Tyree Glenn
Bill Watrous
Frank Rosolino

Question 7:

This jazz great is a second generation trombonist. His career really took off in the 1960's. Most people know him for his work in the Merv Griffin Show orchestra and with the group Ten Wheel Drive. Jazz aficionados know him for his rendition of Sam Nestico's arrangement of "A Time To Love".
"Slide'' Hampton
Frank Rosolino
Bill Watrous
Joe Nanton

Question 8:

This Grammy Award-winning musician is one of the few left-handed trombonists. He became Llod Price's musical director after playing with many of the top groups. He appeared on "The Cosby Show".
Tyree Glenn
Bill Watrous
"Slide" Hampton
Joe Nanton

Question 9:

This trombonist and band leader, whose orchestra was very influential in the pre-WWII era, was killed in WWII by friendly fire.
Jimmy Dorsey
Tyree Glenn
Tommy Dorsey
Glenn Miller

Question 10:

This Pennsylvania-born trombonist played with some of the finest bands starting at age 16. In 1934 he and his brother formed their own band. Although they were successful, they separated in 1935 and formed separate bands. His biggest hits were "Marie" and "Opus One".
Tommy Dorsey
Jack Nanton
Jimmy Dorsey
Joe Nanton


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