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The Director's Cut

written by: silverqueen
Bogart and Bacall. Tracey and Hepburn. Redford and Newman. All great actors in their own right but, when teamed together, cinematic magic illuminates the silver screen. The same is true of certain actors and directors. The quiz is simple. Can you identify the director's preferred choice that will be standing in front of the camera when the director yells, 'action'?

Question 1:

Quentin Tarantino has called this actress his muse. He cast her as Mia in his classic movie
'Pulp Fiction'. When he wrote the part of 'The Bride' in 'Kill Bill Volume I' and 'Kill Bill Volume II' he had one, and only one, actress in mind. What actress is Tarantino's 'muse'?
Julie Dreyfus
Daryl Hannah
Una Thurman
Lucy Liu

Question 2:

'I would do anything Tim Burton wanted me to. You know, have sex with an aardvark'. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have a 'mutual admiration society'. In which of the following movies has Tim Burton NOT directed Johnny Depp?
Finding Neverland
Sleepy Hollow
Ed Wood
Edward Scissorhands

Question 3:

Alfred Hitchcock was known as the master of suspense and for his use of cool elegant blonds actresses. One blonde actress he hired after spotting her on a commercial for Sega diet drink. Although he made her the star of his movies 'The Birds' and 'Marnie' he became very controlling. What actress bought back her contract rather than star in any other Hitchcock films?
Kim Novak
Tippi Hedren
Janet Leigh
Grace Kelly

Question 4:

Which of the following Leonardo DiCaprio movies did Martin Scorsese NOT direct?
Gangs of New York
The Aviator
The Departed
Catch Me If You Can

Question 5:

Josef von Sternberg made this lady a star when he cast her as Lola-Lola in 'The Blue Angel'.
Who sang 'Men cluster to me like moths to a flame. And if they get burned, I know I'm not to blame'?
Theda Bara
Mary Pickford
Marlene Dietrich
Clara Bow

Question 6:

The Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, have produced, written and directed such films as 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' and 'Miller's Crossing'. Joel Coen is most often credited as director. Who is the actress that has starred in, among others, in 'Blood Simple' and 'The Man Who Wasn't There'? Does she have an inside track with Joel Coen? You betcha!
Ally Sheely
Holly Hunter
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Frances McDormand

Question 7:

View the provided image.
In 2006 Penelope Cruz became the first Spanish actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in 'Volver'. Who was the director of her films 'Volver' and 'All About My Mother'?
Fernando Truba
Pedro Almodovar
Cameron Crowe
Alejandro Amenabar

View Image

Question 8:

Nicole Kidman starred as Satine in this director's production of 'Moulin Rouge'. Yet it was in this director's film for Chanel # 5 that Nicole Kidman became the highest paid per minute actress in the world. What director filmed the 3-minute Chanel # 5 spot with Nicole Kidman?
Baz Luhrmann
Anthony Minghella
Lars Von Trier
Steven Shainberg

Question 9:

Wes Anderson has many actors that appear quite often in his films. Can you name the college friend of Wes Anderson's that appeared in 'The Darjeeling Limited' and co-wrote 'Rushmore' with Anderson?
Ben Stiller
Bill Murray
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson

Question 10:

View the provided image.
Academy Award nominee director Spike Lee has a group of actors that he uses in many of his films such as Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. All of the listed actors have appeared in Spike Lee's films but can you pick out the actor who appeared in the most Spike Lee films from 1983 (the start of Lee's career as a director) until 2008?
Bill Nunn
Rick Aiello
Michael Imperioli
John Turturro

View Image


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