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The Crow -- Shadowed Questions

written by: NexNoxNoctus
All about the movie "The Crow". Cast and crew, story lines, hidden direction, and general interesting trivia.

Question 1:

Which of the following actors were not in the movie "The Crow"?
John Polito
Bai Ling
Angel David
Christian Slater

Question 2:

What was the name of the song that played in the movie "The Crow", when Eric had just gone through his old apartment and began to put on his "war paint"?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 3:

Colour, or the lack thereof, had great significance in the movie "The Crow". The director happily shot several scenes through the real rain, because the rain naturally helped to wash many colours out. Certain colours, however, were deliberately left entirely unwashed, but only one colour remained unwashed throughout every scene of the movie. Which one?

Question 4:

Eric Draven's "war paint" in "The Crow" is stylized to look like the mask he and Shelly used to play with together.

Question 5:

How many storeys did Eric fall when he was thrown through the window in the movie "The Crow"?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 6:

Why were Eric and Shelly killed in "The Crow"?
The villain crew saw Eric's performance one night and they hated guitarists.
Because of Top Dollar's "tenant relocation program".
The villain crew saw Shelly and followed her home to rape her and killed Eric to get him out of the way.
Top Dollar had a grudge against Eric.

Question 7:

In the movie "The Crow", how many knives did Tin-Tin throw at Eric before being foiled by his own blade?
None of these

Question 8:

How old was Top Dollar from the movie "The Crow", when his father told him that "childhood's over the moment you know you're gonna die"?

Question 9:

In the film "The Crow", what was in the snow-globe Top Dollar was looking at as he reminisced with Myca over their father?
A miniature version of the city, dark with nightfall
A small cemetery, full of headstones and dead trees
A large black cathedral, bearing gargoyles and spires
A single stone cross, cracked and overgrown with moss

Question 10:

In the movie "The Crow",Top Dollar and Myca smoked human tongues to get high, because "All the power in the world resides in the tongue, my friend. Sometimes, they're more useful than the person who bears them."

Question 11:

What was the importance of the actual crow in the movie "The Crow"?
The crow was actually Eric's soul.
The crow was Eric's link between the land of the living and of the dead.
The crow was just a weird bird that followed him around.
The crow was his family's emblem.

Question 12:

In the film "The Crow", Eric's call sign is a stylized bird, presumably a crow. How did Eric make his call-sign after killing Tin-Tin?
In fire, on the ground
Carving it into his chest
In blood, on the ground
In blood, on the wall

Question 13:

Why did Top Dollar have a "tenant relocation program" in the movie "The Crow"?
The program aimed at blackmailing large real estate owners.
Because he had to allow his henchmen to do some random crime, because the fun of being bad is what kept them loyal to him.
The program was meant to keep the neighborhood in fear.
The program was meant to drive down real estate prices, so Top Dollar could buy everything in the neighborhood, fix it back up, stop all the crime, and resell the real estate.

Question 14:

Originally, Top Dollar was not lead man in the crime ring going on in the dark city in the film "The Crow". After some budget cuts, time constraints, and the tragic loss of Brandon Lee, the screenplay was rewritten to feature Top Dollar as top dog. Who was the original boss?

Question 15:

In the film "The Crow", what was the name of the detective officer, with whom Albrecht had repeated conflicts?

Question 16:

Why was Officer Albrecht from "The Crow" demoted from Detective to Beat Cop?
He stuck his nose in too deep to the case when Eric and Shelly were murdered.
He beat up another detective after catching him in bed with his wife.
He was a loose cannon, and just broke the rules too many times.
He was caught ogling children at a school crosswalk.

Question 17:

How many hours of pain did Shelly suffer through after being beaten and raped before finally dying in "The Crow"?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 18:

What was the name of Eric's band in the movie "The Crow"??  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)


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