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The Best Movie Trivia Quiz!

written by: Shakeepuddn
Here’s a fun one for old movie fans. I give a poignant scene with a mishmash of actors and characters from a Best Picture film prior to 1980 and maybe some lines, and you pick the Oscar winner. Watch out, not all choices will be winners. Good luck!

Question 1:

In this movie Ray Milland's character, who suffers a writer’s block, scours his apartment for that bottle of rye he just doesn’t remember finishing.
Dial M. For Murder
The Lost Weekend
Double Indemnity
Days of Wine and Roses

Question 2:

After losing his hands in WW2, Homer, one of the main characters in this Oscar-winning movie, tries to push his girlfriend away by demonstrating how difficult life with him would be.
It happened One Night
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Apartment

Question 3:

Prewitt squares off with “Fatso” Borgnine in a back-ally knife fight and avenges Maggio’s murder in this 1953 movie.
From Here to Eternity
The Hustler
On the Waterfront
Bridge Over the River Kwai

Question 4:

In what movie does Father Barry get crushed by a falling crate, after preaching to his flock of stevedores to oppose local crime boss Johnnie Friendly.
On the Waterfront
A Streetcar Named Desire
One-Eyed Jacks

Question 5:

Shears approaches through the water with a knife in hand, preparing to kill his overly idealistic ally. Both utter the word “You!” . . . one from surprised recognition, the other with disdain. The scene is from this movie.
Ben Hur
The Bridge Over the River Kwai
Sunset Boulevard

Question 6:

In this movie, a crushed and dying Steven Boyd hisses to the victorious Jew to seek his family “in the valley of the lepers!”
The Ten Commandments
Ben Hur
The Fall of the Roman Empire

Question 7:

While playing gin rummy in the final scene of this movie, C.C. Baxter confesses his love for Fran, who simply tells him to “Shut up and deal.”
Some like it Hot
Tom Jones
The Apartment
The Hustler

Question 8:

He confesses to the General that there was something disturbing about personally executing Gassim. It was not the blood . . . “No, not that, something else; I enjoyed it.” Name the movie.
The Dirty Dozen
Bridge Over the River Kwai
Lawrence of Arabia

Question 9:

In a scene from this movie, before boarding the bus, fake cowboy Joe dumps his buckskin coat and hat and declares, “I ain't no kind a hustler!”  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 10:

In this movie Santa Claus and “Cloudy” Russo rough up the punk, demanding to know if he “ever picks his feet in Poughkeepsie.”
The Sting
The Hustler
The French Connection

Question 11:

Gondorff staggers to the table declaring, “Sorry I’m late, I was takin’ a crap!” and sits opposite Lonnegan. This is a scene from which movie?
The Hustler
The Conversation
The Godfather
The Sting

Question 12:

While waiting for their electroshock therapy, Chief verbally thanks a shocked Randal for the juicy fruit. Name the movie.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 13:

In this movie Alvy comes to his ex-girlfriend’s rescue and heroically battles the spider in her bathroom with a tennis racquet.
Heaven Can Wait
All That Jazz
The Goodbye Girl
Annie Hall


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