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The American Revolutionary War

written by: danmontg
This is a basic quiz on the war that brought independence to the United States.

Question 1:

There was fighting in the Revolutionary War for more than a year before the United States declared independence from Britain.

Question 2:

Where were the first shots of the American Revolutionary War fired?
Newark, New Jersey
Charleston, South Carolina
Lexington, Massachusetts
near the city of New York

Question 3:

What term refers to the body of delegates from the colonies who met during the Revolutionary War until a constitutional government was finally formed near the end of the war?
The Continental Congress
the Congress of the United Colonies
the Executive Committee of the United States
the Council of States

Question 4:

Why is July 4th, 1776 considered the birthday of the United States?
because the signing of the Declaration of Independence began on that day
because on that day the British recognized US independence
because on that day the Americans had their first victory over the British at Boston
because on that day all thirteen former colonies finally agreed to a constitution for their new government

Question 5:

View the provided image.
Mercenary troops were brought from this place to help the British Army in America during the Revolutionary War.
the Netherlands
the German state of Hesse

View Image

Question 6:

Which of the following is NOT true about the Battle of Saratoga in 1777?
It was the first major victory for the Americans.
General George Washington was wounded while directing the American troops.
The American victory convinced the French to give the Americans substantial aid.
British General Burgoyne invading from Canada lost his entire army.

Question 7:

The American victory in this battle is often called the turning point of the Revolutionary War in the South.
Battle of Charleston
Battle of Kings Mountain
Battle of Camden
Battle of Princeton

Question 8:

How did the French aid the American patriots during the Revolutionary War?
by allowing the French fleet to aid the Americans at a critical point of the war
by sending part of the French Army to America
all of these
by providing substantial amounts of military supplies

Question 9:

View the provided image.
Name the young European volunteer who became a much valued general serving in George Washington's army.

View Image

Question 10:

What statement is true about John Paul Jones who fought in the American Revolutionary War?
He used guerrilla warfare against the British.
He was able to get several Indian tribes to fight against the British.
He captured several British forts in Canada.
He was successful in naval warfare against the British.

Question 11:

View the provided image.
What American victory convinced the British to accept the independence of their former colonies?
at Bunker Hill
at Brandywine
at Trenton
at Yorktown

View Image

Question 12:

What statement is true about the Treaty of Paris of 1783?
All of these
It recognized US independence.
It formed a permanent alliance between France and the US.
It granted territory to the US from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.


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