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Tap Dance

written by: shimonbentzvi
It's America's unique dance style but how much does the average person know about the great tap dancers?Since you are far above the average, you are not afraid to try this very difficult test. Clog dancing will not even be mentioned.

Question 1:

Which statement is untrue about Bill "Bojangles" Robinson who is regarded as the most famous tap dancer of all time?
When honored by the King of England as the best dancer in the world, he said "Thank you , King-Oh."
He set a record of 8.2 seconds for the 75 yard backwards dash.
He was famous for his "stair dance."
He was once made "Honorary Mayor of Harlem" in NYC.

Question 2:

Which statement is not true about Bill Robinson?
He switched names with his younger brother.
He was making $3,500 a week by 1910.
He appeared in "Stormy Weather" with Lena Horne.
His younger brother became his agent.

Question 3:

This award winning tap dancer, inspired by Bojangles Robinson, had a unique technique. He danced as if he were on ice.
Sandman Sims
Jimmy Slyde
Honi Coles
Bill Bailey

Question 4:

Bill Robinson's style of dance emphasizes clean toe taps. Which tap great developed a style that put emphasis on percussive heel stomps?
Chuck Green
Cholly Atkins
George Primrose
John W. Bubbles

Question 5:

Clayton Bates was an excellent tap dancer who lived from 1907-1998. What was special about his tap dancing?
He had one leg.
He danced on sand and salt.
He tapped shoeless.
He combined ballet and tap.

Question 6:

This tap dancing great was born in Fitzgerald, Georgia in 1919. He became a star and toured throughout the South as a youngster. He later formed the successful group "Chuck and Chuckles". Who was he?
Chuck Martyn
Jimmy Doyle
Charlie Dixon
Chuck Green

Question 7:

What was unique about Howard Simms' tap dancing style?
He did acrobatics while dancing.
He danced barefooted.
He danced backwards.
He danced on a 3 square foot plank.

Question 8:

They were a great tap dancing duo. Their names were Harold and Fayard. They received no formal training but were considered the greatest dancing duo in history. What was the name of their act?
The Syncopates
Hines and Hines
The Nicholas Brothers
The Berry Brothers

Question 9:

He first became famous dancing with Cholly Atkins but later had a single career. He was in "Dirty Dancing" and won a Tony Award for "My One and Only." Who was he?
Eddie Lee Parker
Johnny Browne
Honi Coles
Fayard Berry

Question 10:

He was born in 1943 in NYC and began studying dance at five. He teamed with his brother and dad to form a very popular TV and Las Vegas act. He was the first African-American to direct at Radio City Music Hall. Who is he?
Gregory Hines
Maurice Hines
Thaddeus Hines
Watson Hines

Question 11:

Sammy Davis, Jr. was a great tap dancer, actor, singer, comic actor, and a member of the "Rat Pack." What was the name of the act that led to his fame?
The Hoofers
The Stylistics
The Tappers
The Will Mastin Trio

Question 12:

He was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1973 and is recognized as one of the top tap dancers. Who is this master of the "Funk" style of tap dancing?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 13:

What step is defined as "a solo tap dance with sharp foot accents, springs, leg flings, and heel clicks."?
ball change
Buck and wing
slap step


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