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TV Single Dads

written by: gspttd1
This quiz focuses on famous single fathers of television. Happy Father's Day!

Question 1:

Lucas McCain, a single dad, is trying to raise his son Mark to be a decent young man in this classic TV show set in the Old West.
The Rifleman
Father Knows Best

Question 2:

Lorne Green played a widowed father of three sons on this show which aired on NBC from 1959 until 1973.
Bachelor Father

Question 3:

In this TV series Steve Douglas, a single dad, raised his three kids with the help of grouchy Bub O'Casey and even grouchier, Charley O'Casey.
My Three Sons
Bachelor Father
Family Affair

Question 4:

This show, that lasted only one season, starred Sally Field as the 15-year old daughter of college professor Russell Lawrence.
Accidental Family
Father Knows Best
Family Affair

Question 5:

In this show Cissy, and twins Buffy and Jody are raised by their Uncle Bill Davis, who gets help by his butler, Mr. French.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Make Room For Daddy
Family Affair
Mayberry, R.F.D

Question 6:

On this show, which aired from 1969-1972, Tom Corbett, a widowed dad, struggled to raise his son and to have a social life as well.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Family Affair
The Andy Griffith Show
Bachelor Father

Question 7:

On this sitcom, a single dad lived with his grown-up son in Watts, Los Angeles, CA. He was famous for faking a heart attack to join his deceased wife, Elizabeth.
Chico and the Man
Joe and Sons
Sanford and Son
Diff'rent Strokes

Question 8:

On this TV show, a widowed father adopted two brothers after their mother, who was his housekeeper, died.
Make Room For Daddy
Park Avenue Paupers
Our New Penthouse Pop
Diff'rent Strokes

Question 9:

In this series, single dad, Rick Marshall, had to raise Will and Holly on his own, surrounded by dinosaurs and Sleestacks, after an earthquake caused their raft to be swallowed by a large crack in the earth, sending them back in time.
The People that Time Forgot
Land of the Lost
The Land that Time Forgot

Question 10:

On this sitcom, the second spin off of Diff'rent Strokes, Larry Alder was a divorced father of two teenage daughters.
Hello, Larry
The Tony Randall Show
Mr. T and Tina

Question 11:

On this sitcom Norman Davis, a divorced dad, is enjoying bachelor life when his ex wife suddenly drops their 11 year old daughter in his lap.
Me and Maxx
Empty Nest
Ladies' Man
I'm A Big Girl Now

Question 12:

On this show Eddie Stratton plays a divorced dad who owns a toy company. He takes his son out of military school to come live with him.
Star of the Family
Eddie and the Kid
Silver Spoons
Me and Maxx

Question 13:

Widower Art Foster is a dance studio owner raising his twin teen daughters on what sitcom?
Two of a Kind
Double Trouble
Kate and Allison
Father Murphy

Question 14:

On this hit TV show, Tony Micelli, a widowed dad, takes a housekeeping job in Connecticut to give his daughter Samantha a better life.
Who's the Boss?
I'm A Big Girl Now
Me and Maxx
Star of the Family

Question 15:

On this NBC show, Police Chief and widowed father, Carl Kanisky was raising three teenage daughters with a lot of help from his loud, opinionated housekeeper, Nell.
Gimme A Break!
Who's The Boss?
Odd Man Out

Question 16:

This series stars Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan as two single men, who suddenly find that one of them may be the father of preteen Nicole, whose deceased mother they both dated. A judge assigns them joint custody of Nicole and they must all learn to live together.
Double Trouble
My Two Dads
Full House
Three of A Kind

Question 17:

On this NBC sitcom, newly widowed dad, Mike relies on the help of his sister, Sandy, to care for his three sons after the death of their mother.
The Hogan Family
My Three Sons
Full House
Sandy's Family

Question 18:

John Stamos plays hell raising teenager Matt Willows, who turns the bachelor life of his father upside down when he comes to live with him on this NBC sitcom.
Just the Two of Us
You Again?
The Odd Couple
Dear John

Question 19:

In this series, until he remarried in Paris in 2000, single dad Chaz, was raising two-year old Chuckie with the help of Dr. Lipschitz, the daycare provider, and Chuckie's friends Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Angelica.
Chuckie and Me
Me and My Dad
Little Man Chuck

Question 20:

This sitcom stars Charles Shaughnessy as a Broadway producer with an enormous house, an English butler and three kids who need a mother. Fate knocks on his door one day and he hires the door-to-door cosmetics saleslady to be the kids' new nanny.
Beauty and the Beast of Broadway
The Nanny and the Professor
Maxwell's House
The Nanny


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