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Strange Records

written by: shimonbentzvi
A difficult quiz on some strange world records.

Question 1:

Basketball has always been a physical sport. This player is a record breaker for the most personal fouls in one NBA season.
Darryl Dawkins
Joe Dumars
Moses Malone
Wilt Chamberlin

Question 2:

In 1951, this city set a new record for the most fans at a basketball game.
Los Angeles
New York City

Question 3:

Which is the largest active volcano on Earth?
Mauna Loa
Mount Rainier
Mount Etna

Question 4:

In 2007, where was a new record for the biggest country flag set?
North Korea

Question 5:

The plant producing the largest flower on Earth is the Rafflesia arnoldii. What is the average diameter of its flower?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
1 foot
1 meter
1 mile
1 yard

Question 6:

Which was the first music album to sell at least 20 million units?
Billy Joel - "Greatest HitsVolumes I and II"
Led Zeppelin - "Led Zeppelin IV"
AC/DC - "Back in Black"
Pink Floyd - "The Wall"

Question 7:

In 2005, Danny Way became the first person to do this. In the process he attained a speed of over 50 mph. What did he do?
Skateboard over the Great Wall of China
High dive from the Eiffel Tower
Eject from an SST
Shoot out of a submarine torpedo tube

Question 8:

This was the largest active passenger airplane for 2007.
Airbus A380
Boeing 757
Boeing 747
Sukhoi 27

Question 9:

The Freedom of the Seas was the largest cruise ship for 2007. It is owned by Royal Caribbean. Which statement is NOT true about this ship?
It is about 1,112 feet (340 m) long by 184 feet (56 m) wide.
It can carry 3,634 passengers.
It is about as tall as the CN Tower.
It displaces about 160,000 tons.

Question 10:

Sportsman Jerry DePoyster is a record breaker in this category.
Worst pass completion record in an NFL season
Longest field goal in an NBA game
Fastest 100 yard dash on roller skates
Shortest punt in the NFL

Question 11:

The world's largest swimming pool in 2007 was in this country.
North Korea

Question 12:

Who is the first performer/band to have at least 36 Billboard Top Ten albums?
Frank Sinatra
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Elvis Presley

Question 13:

In 1963 this soundtrack broke the record for the most weeks as the number one album on the Billboard charts.
Saturday Night Fever
The Body Guard
West Side Story
South Pacific

Question 14:

Which of these performers/bands has had the number one and number two albums on the Billboard chart twice?
Pink Floyd
Guns n' Roses
The Rolling Stones
Frank Sinatra

Question 15:

Who was the first performer to have both the Billboard number one and number two album?
Willie Nelson
Bob Newhart
Johnny Mathis
Frank Sinatra

Question 16:

This was the world’s largest university for 2007 (considering total active enrollment.)
The Ohio State University
Islamic Azad University
Allama Iqbal Open University
Indira Gandhi National Open University


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