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Stay Tuned

written by: silverqueen
The title of Joe Garner's book "Stay Tuned Television's Unforgettable Moments" says it all. Joe Garner has published the titles "We Interrupt This Broadcast ", "And The Crowd Goes Wild " and "Stay Tuned Television's Unforgettable Moments " to become one of the most successful multimedia authors in publishing. So, tune in and see how many of these unforgettable moments you are plugged into.

Question 1:

On August 29, 1967 the Narrator, William Conrad delivered the final line, "Tuesday 29th, the day the running stopped". In what television show did the One Armed Man meet his fate in an abandoned amusement park?
The Fugitive
Twin Peaks

Question 2:

"I shall not seek and I will not accept the nomination of my party as your president ". What President made this startling announcement on March 31 1968?
Richard Nixon
Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson

Question 3:

On the night of July 18, 1976 the scoreboard at the Montreal Olympics flashed 1.00. as a tiny Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, received the first perfect score ever given in Olympic history.

Question 4:

This program had it all: money, sex, greed and big big shoulder pads. But Dallas ended the second season with a cliffhanger that became an international question. Who shot J.R.?
Miss Ellie
Sue Ellen

Question 5:

View the provided image.
On January 28, 1986 the flight of the space shuttle carrying the first civilian, a schoolteacher, was only broadcast nationwide by a young cable television network called CNN. It was 73 seconds into the flight when a huge plume of smoke was seen and a calm voice from mission control announced "Obviously a major malfunction". Who was the New Hampshire schoolteacher who became the first American civilian casualty aboard the Challenger?
Sally Ride
Eileen Collins
Judith Resnik
Christa McAuliffe

View Image

Question 6:

On November 17, 1968 the New York Jets had taken the lead with 65 seconds left to play in a televised game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. 7:00 PM-time for a commercial break and the start of the regular scheduled program. To the rage of the Jets and Raiders fans, what program replaced the last 65 seconds of the Jets and Raiders game?
The Hardy Boys
I Love Lucy rerun
The Magic Kingdom

Question 7:

Lorne Michael's innovative idea of using comic talent from improvisational groups such Chicago's Second City and L.A.'s The Groundlings made a success for NBC's new program Saturday Night. What comedian, famous for his "seven words you can't say on television", was the first guest host?
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Lenny Bruce
Bill Cosby

Question 8:

"Do you believe in miracles? YES! Sportscaster Al Michaels's description summed up the play and excitement surrounding the USA Olympic hockey team at the 1980 games at Lake Placid. What team did the USA hockey team beat to take the gold at the 1980 Games?
Soviet Union

Question 9:

View the provided image.
On November 22, 1963, his voice cracking, Walter Cronkite delivered the following statement:
"From Dallas, Texas, a flash, apparently official. President Kennedy died at one P.M. central standard time, two o'clock eastern standard time, some thirty-eight minutes ago." Americans stayed glued to their television sets as history unfolded before their eyes. Around 12:20 Sunday afternoon, while being transported from jail, Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered and millions watched the murder on live television. Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?
Joe Campisi
Jack Ruby
Carlos Marcello
Jim Garrison

View Image

Question 10:

The Madonna/Britney Spears kiss paled in comparison to this kiss bestowed on America's best known bigot, Archie Bunker. Who kissed Archie Bunker on the count of three?
Tiny Tim
Sammy Davis Jr.


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