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Sport Comebacks

written by: marcing
Many sport heroes simply couldn't bear retirement and returned - with mixed results - to their tracks and courts. Let's have a look at some of the greatest comebacks!

Question 1:

Michael Jordan returned to the NBA twice. After his first return in 1995, he led the Chicago Bulls to three titles. What statement is true about his second return in 2001?
He returned to the Chicago Bulls, but played mostly as a substitute.
He led the Chicago Bulls to another title.
He played for the Washington Wizzards and led them to their first title ever.
He joined the Washington Wizzards but his team did not did not qualify for the play-offs.

Question 2:

Lance Armstrong had won 7 times the prestigious Tour de France cycling race before retiring. He returned in 2009. What result did he achieve in the Tour?
He finished 100th, with a huge gap to the winner.
He won it again.
He didn't manage to finish.
He came third.

Question 3:

F1 driver Michael Schumacher decided to return to the track for the 2010 season. Which team did he join?

Question 4:

Did Muhammad Ali return to boxing after his retirement in 1978?
Officially yes, but due to his Parkinson's disease he never fought again.
Yes and he lost to Larry Holmes.
Yes, he beat George Foreman in the famous fight in Kinshasa.

Question 5:

Pele, probably the most famous soccer player ever, retired in 1974 after having won three world championships with Brazil. He returned a few months later and joined which club?
New York Cosmos, USA
He did not join any club, but he still played for the Brazilian national team.
Real Madrid, Spain
Santos, Brazil

Question 6:

Bjorn Borg shocked the tennis world when he retired in his prime years (he was only 25 and was at the top). What did he achieve when he returned in the early 1990s?
He failed to win a single match in 10 consecutive tournaments.
He became the Olympic Champion.
He won all Grand Slam tournaments.
He appeared in four Grand Slam finals, but failed to win anything.

Question 7:

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean amazed the world performing to Ravel's Bolero during the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo. 10 years later they skated at another Olympics. Did they win another medal?
Yes, they won bronze.
They won, but were disqualified for cheating.
No, their comeback was a complete disaster.
Yes, they performed to the same music and won gold again.

Question 8:

Swimming champion Dara Torres retired and returned two times. Which statement about her comebacks is true?
She won 3 Olympic silver medals the first time, but failed to qualify the second time for the Beijing Olympic team.
She won a gold medal and four other medals in Sydney (2000) and three silver medals in Beijing (2008).
Her first return, in Sydney, earned her 3 silver medals but the second time, in Beijing, she was not successful.
Her first return in 2000, after giving birth, was a disaster, but the second time she won 5 medals at the Olympics in Sydney.

Question 9:

Janne Ahonen, a top sportsman from Finland, retired in 2008, only to return to his sport a year later. What is his sport?
WRC rallies
Nordic combined
Ski jumping

Question 10:

George Foreman returned to boxing after a 12-year break to become the oldest heavy weight champion ever. How old was he when he beat Michael Moorer?


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