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Russian Superstitions and Traditions

written by: pantera182
People around the world have different beliefs and fears. Learn about some of the most common Russian superstitions and traditions.

Question 1:

What should be done according to a Russian superstition when someone has left the house and gone on a long journey?
Their radio or TV should not be turned off until they come back.
Their room should be locked up so that nobody would enter.
Their room and their possessions should not be cleaned up until they have arrived.
An extra dish is left on the table.

Question 2:

There is a Russian tradition of spitting three times to chase away bad luck, similar to knocking on wood. Where should one spit?
Over their right shoulder
Over their left shoulder
Through their crossed fingers
In front of their feet

Question 3:

What should one do on examination day in order not to chase away good luck according to Russian superstition?
One should not make their bed.
One should not wear anything new.
All of these
One should not cut their nails.

Question 4:

What kind of presents are considered to be taboo according to Russian superstition?
Baby clothes
Black objects
Sharp objects

Question 5:

Where shouldn't unmarried people sit if they don't want to stay single for a long time according to Russian superstition?
Under the table
At a crossroad
Under an oak tree
At the corner of the table

Question 6:

What should a stranger say when seeing a baby less that an year old according to Russian tradition?
They should not speak or smile
'Oh, what an ugly child!'
'May God guide your way!'
'May you grow tall and healthy!'

Question 7:

How is a latecomer 'punished' in Russian traditions?
They are not allowed to sit.
They are seated away from the table.
They are forbidden to take off their coat.
They are forced to drink a full glass of alcohol.

Question 8:

What will happen very soon if the cat is washing its face according to Russian beliefs?
It is going to rain.
Somebody will die.
Someone will get pregnant.
Guests will come.

Question 9:

What does sneezing while talking mean according to Russian superstition?
The sneezing person will receive money soon.
They will be healthy and will live long.
The sneezing person is lying.
The person is telling the truth.

Question 10:

What will happen if a fork or a spoon falls on the ground according to Russian superstition?
The crops will be abundant.
A female guest will come.
The person who dropped it will have to work very hard.
A male child will be born in the house.


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