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Pun Intended for Nothing In Particular #6

written by: thaibob
Continuing with a hodge-podge of nothing in particular are more PUNS (Please keep this in mind). If you want more of this foolishness, just do a search for "Pun Intended" or click on "Thaibob".

Question 1:

Motel operators never die, they just _________________.
roll up the rug.
turn off the lights.
make room for others.
check out.

Question 2:

'I got lost in the streets of Paris,' he said _____________.

Question 3:

The sledder who got injured realized that his wounds were more than __________________.
the cost of his sled
he tobogganed for
a runner's mistake
he bargained for

Question 4:

What is the home for rich squirrels?
The Nutcracker King Motel
The Nutcracker Suite
Squirrel Hotel
Squirrel/Chipmunk Motel

Question 5:

My blind date's ______________.
from another planet
a real corker
a dog's best friend
not looking good

Question 6:

I'm reading a book about mazes, (Next sentence please)
I got lost in it.
I didn't know how to turn the pages.
I just cut to the end of it.
I quit.

Question 7:

A plumber's pipe dream was to tap all his resources to become _______________.
wrenched to the top.
tap king

Question 8:

Earl Grey was away on business during the election. (Next sentence please)
So he cast an absent-tee ballot.
So he cast an absinthe ballot.
So he cast an absentee ballot.
So he cast an absent-tea ballot.

Question 9:

The wolf tried to sing, _______________.
but the dogs drowned him out.
but he didn't know howl
but he didn't know how
but his teeth caught all the notes

Question 10:

A weeknight is a ___________.
terrible night
Monday through Friday
time after working
tiny nobleman

Question 11:

My father slept under the bed. (Next sentence please)
Mother was a holy roller.
He loved to sleep with the dust bunnies.
I think he was a little potty.
Mother hated to sleep with another.

Question 12:

I tried to look up impotence on the Internet but _________________.
nothing came up
I did have the guts.
I couldn't spell it.
the computer just quit

Question 13:

I wanted to bring a penguin home but my parents said _____________________.
that was not going to fly
we're not going to live in a freezing house
you can train a dog much easier
it smelled too fishy

Question 14:

This year I made my Christmas wreath out of Franklin Fir branches. (Next sentence please)
They're very patriotic.
I really like a wreath of Franklin.
I wanted Washington Fir but they were sold out.
I hate those fake ones.

Question 15:

The stripper was getting tired of the ___________________.
same old song and dance
same old thong and dance
leering of the breasts dance
clothes, no clothes routine

Question 16:

An instructor at an ice cream parlor is a __________________.
Sundae schoolteacher
journalist who gets great scoops
real treat
Sunday schoolteacher

Question 17:

My friend's bakery burned down last night. (Next sentence please)
Now his business is toast.
Call it a burn for the wurst.
He had too many buns in the oven.
You could smell the lovely fumes for miles.

Question 18:

An avionics warning is a _____________.
plane lookout alarm
fire alarm
warning for bees
flier alarm

Question 19:

When the pharmacist found out her husband was having an affair, ______________________.
it caused her to pharm out her business
it was a hard pill to swallow
she called it 'medicinal suicide'
she knew how to concoct the undetectable poison

Question 20:

If you accidentally leave your fly down on a promising date, does that count as a ____________?
Freudian slip
Freudian zip
real downer
lost cause


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