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Public School Law

written by: webbie1960
This one is tough... let's see if you are up to the challenge of some cases in public school law.

Question 1:

What is a civil wrong independent of contract that may be malicious and intentional or a result of negligence and disregard for the rights of others?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 2:

In 1879, which U.S. Supreme Court case invoked the famous dictum of Jefferson, calling for the erection of a wall of separation between church and state?
Quarles v. Virginia School Board
Laba v. Board of Education
Reynolds v. United States
Wallace v. Jaffree

Question 3:

In 1982, justice William J. Brennan delivered the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion on this case that stated undocumented children of alien parents cannot be denied a public education. It stemmed from a case in Texas.
State of Wisconsin v. Yoder
Plyler v. Doe
State of Texas v. Martinez
Martinez v. Bynum

Question 4:

What U.S. case stated that a state can validly require a course in sex education for all students?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Brown v. Board of Education
Fowler v. Board of Education of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Keefe v. Geanakos
Cornwell v. State Board of Education

Question 5:

The case of Epperson v. State of Arkansas in 1968 dealt primarily with what?
Whether literacy tests are required for advancement into junior high school
Whether U.S. states could not forbid the teaching of evolution
Whether U.S. state tests may be given to home school children
Whether U.S. states must require a balance of creationism and evolution

Question 6:

This case came before the court of appeals of New York in 1967 and stated that school officials may be obligated to inspect school lockers. It determined that the school has parents’ locus rights at the school, which gives them the right to inspect lockers of students in the absence of their parents.
People v. Overton
Brooks v. East Chambers High School
Bellner v. Lund
Doe v. Renfrow

Question 7:

In this case Bobby Wayne Blair sustained permanent injury to his right eye when riding on a bus on his way to school from an object thrown by another student on the bus. The case stated that the bus driver was negligent in properly supervising the bus and the activities on that bus.
Blair v. Board of Education of Sherburne-Earlville Central School
Albers v. Independent School District No. 302 of Lewis County
Fagan v. Summers
Ponton v. Newport News School Board

Question 8:

The 1974 U.S. Supreme Court case in Iowa, Erb v. Iowa State Board of Education, dealt with what?
Prayer in schools
Reduction in force must be in good faith
Sex education should be voluntary
A teacher's adultery is no reason to revoke license

Question 9:

When Janet Cooper wore white clothes and a white turban to school to teach her sixth grade class, she also wrote a letter to the staff of the school stating that she would wear the turban as part of her religious practice. When she refused to NOT wear the garments, she was suspended and her certificate was revoked. In this case the court found that a tenured teacher could have their certificate revoked for violating state statute by wearing religious garb in school.
Cooper v. Fargo Public School District
Cooper v. Eugene School District
Cooper v. Salem School District
Cooper v. Canton School district

Question 10:

This court case dealt with a Title IX issue of the education amendments of 1972. It protects employees against gender discrimination in educational institutions.
School Board v. Richmond
Alexander Public School v. Phillips
North Haven v. Board of Education v. Bell
Daury v. Smith


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