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Presidential Pairs

written by: thaibob
Presidents of the United States are paired together and you have 4 choices to decide which one is the most likely to be the pair that answers the question. Read the question carefully is the best advice I can give you.

Question 1:

These presidents coupled up to discuss their former secretarial jobs. Which pair doesn't fit with the others?
James Monroe & John Quincy Adams
James Madison & James Buchanan
John Adams & John Tyler
Thomas Jefferson & Martin Van Buren

Question 2:

As far as inaugurations are concerned, which pair does not belong with the others?
Thomas Jefferson & Martin Van Buren
John Adams & William Henry Harrison
George Washington & John Tyler
James Madison & Andrew Jackson

Question 3:

Birthdays were discussed amid laughter and merriment. Which two were not on the same page?
Ronald Reagan & Barack Obama
Jimmy Carter & George H.W. Bush
Gerald Ford & Richard Nixon
George W. Bush & Bill Clinton

Question 4:

Talking about vice presidents, one pair was at odds and evens with the others. Which pair doesn't fit?
George Washington & John Adams
James Madison & Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren & James K. Polk
James Monroe & John Quincy Adams

Question 5:

As far as vice presidents are concerned, some were fortunate, some not. Which pair is different from the other three?
Andrew Johnson & Chester A. Arthur
Grover Cleveland & Rutherford B. Hayes
Calvin Coolidge & Harry S. Truman
John Tyler & Millard Fillmore

Question 6:

They now began talking about their early childhoods. Which pair couldn't seem to understand references made by each other?
John Adams & John F. Kennedy
Zachary Taylor & Chester A. Arthur
Lyndon Johnson & George H.W. Bush
Andrew Jackson & James K. Polk

Question 7:

They all discussed the pros and cons of running a state but one pair was not so current in their views. Which pair seemed too far removed?
Rutherford B. Hayes & Jimmy Carter
Franklin D. Roosevelt & Grover Cleveland
William McKinley & Woodrow Wilson
Calvin Coolidge & Theodore Roosevelt

Question 8:

A discussion ensued about jobs and work before their election to the presidency. Which couple didn't understand each other?
William H. Harrison & Dwight D. Eisenhower
Herbert Hoover & Theodore Roosevelt
George H.W. Bush, & George W. Bush
Warren G. Harding & Harry S. Truman

Question 9:

Everyone was discussing their time in Congress. Which two could not agree on the benefits of certain policies in reference to their individual states?
William H. Harrison & Warren Harding
John Quincy Adams & John F. Kennedy
Andrew Jackson & Andrew Johnson
Franklin Pierce & Martin Van Buren

Question 10:

Legislative discussion took place but which two were not in the same boat when discussing policy?
Lyndon Johnson & George H.W. Bush
Gerald Ford & Millard Fillmore
James Madison & John Tyler
James A. Garfield & Rutherford B. Hayes

Question 11:

Talks about wives saddened all but two of these. Which pair did not seem melancholy at all?
Andrew Jackson & Richard Nixon
John Adams & Chester A. Arthur
Calvin Coolidge & Ronald Reagan
James Monroe & Rutherford B. Hayes

Question 12:

Three pairs totally agreed on policy. Which pair was constantly bickering?
John Adams & James Madison
Zachary Taylor & John Tyler
William Henry Harrison & Millard Fillmore
Thomas Jefferson & James Monroe

Question 13:

They all were concerned with their "legacy of learning". What two were sorely disappointed?
Martin Van Buren & Millard Fillmore
Warren Harding & Franklin Pierce
Thomas Jefferson & Harry Truman
Andrew Jackson & James K. Polk

Question 14:

Discussing their memoirs, one pair found that writing them would not have been as easy if they followed the method of the other three pairs. Which pair would that be?
John F. Kennedy & Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush & Lyndon Johnson
Franklin Roosevelt & Richard Nixon
Herbert Hoover & Harry Truman

Question 15:

They certainly were a knowledgeable bunch on foreign affairs except one pair. Which two could not draw on much worldly experience?
John Adams & Thomas Jefferson
William Henry Harrison & James Buchanan
James Monroe & John Quincy Adams
James Madison & Andrew Jackson


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