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Playing Guitar II - Beginner / Intermediate

written by: hammerinhal
Here is a second quiz on the never ending quest to learn to play guitar. Test yourself and learn a little. Enjoy!

Question 1:

View the provided image.
The guitar tool capo is most commonly used to quickly do which of the following?
Drop D tune the guitar
Tune all strings to concert pitch
Change to an open tuning
Change the key in which a song is played

View Image

Question 2:

Which of these is a technique of playing guitar bass notes (usually one, two or three), during a chord change, to move up or down to the root note of the new chord?
Walking Bass
Flying Bass
Step Bass

Question 3:

View the provided image.
Which chord is commonly referred to as the Hendrix Chord for guitarist extraordinaire Jimi Hendrix?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
The suspended 4th chord
The diminished 5th chord
The augmented 9th chord
The depressed 11th chord

View Image

Question 4:

View the provided image.
Pentatonic scales, a must learn for every rock-n-roll or blues aspiring guitar player, consist of how many notes?

View Image

Question 5:

Which of these techniques is used in many styles of play to raise or lower the pitch of a note or notes (usually for a one or two fret value)?
Open tuning
Bend and release
Free tapping
Catch and release

Question 6:

View the provided image.
An "A" shaped bar chord played on the 8th fret of a guitar yields what chord?
A F chord
An A chord
A G minor chord
A D minor chord

View Image

Question 7:

The sign in the music shop in Wayne's World reads, "No Stairway.” The reference, of course, is to Led Zepplin's 1971 mega-hit song, "Stairway to Heaven.” This song, along with the Eagles' "Hotel California," is one of the most commonly attempted songs by aspiring pop/rock/blues guitar players. What key is "Stairway to Heaven" written in?

Question 8:

"The Mississippi delta was shining like a national guitar" is the opening line of Paul Simon's song "Graceland.” What does national guitar mean?
A National Guitar is a stainless steel guitar manufactured by National Reso-phonic Guitars, Inc.
It refers to a solid silver guitar awarded annually at the Lincoln Center, New York. Paul Simon was the awarded musician in 1976.
This line is to honor the great Delta Blues players of the past, e.g. Robert Johnson.
Cheap and shiny finished, National Guitars were guitars sold by Sears & Roebuck from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Question 9:

Which of the choices below is the acceptable chord progression for Bob Marley's, "I shot the Sheriff"(capo up 2).
Chorus Em, Am, 3x, riff verse C, Bm, Em, 3x, riff.
Chorus F#m, Am, 3x, riff verse C, F, F#7, 3x, riff.
Chorus Dm, Gm, 3x, riff verse R, Qm, Zm, 3x, riff.
Chorus Bm, Dm, 3x, riff verse F, Am, Cm, 3x, riff.

Question 10:

View the provided image.
Which of these musicians is the famous lead guitarist and principal songwriter for rock band The Who?
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Eric Clapton
Pete Townshend

View Image


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