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Office Space

written by: Hitch
Yeah, um...Put down that TPS report and see if you have enough flair to score well on this quiz testing your knowledge on the cult classic movie - Office Space.

Question 1:

What was the name of the computer software company for which Peter, Michael and Samir worked in the movie Office Space?

Question 2:

In the movie Office Space, what video game was Peter Gibbons playing on his computer when he was confronted by his boss, Bill Lumbergh, about his behavior at work?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Mine Sweeper
Donkey Kong

Question 3:

In the comedy film Office Space, what was the name of the favorite show that Peter and Joanna enjoyed watching together while they were dating?
Kung Fu
Happy Days
The A-Team
The Incredible Hulk

Question 4:

Inspired by a near death experience, Tom Smykowski, one of Peter's co-workers in the movie Office Space, invented a game called "Pay It Forward".

Question 5:

In the film Office Space, after being told he was getting fired, Michael Bolton, along with his friends Peter and Samir, decided to rip off the company they worked for. The plan involved embezzling a tiny amount of money from each financial transaction the company made. From what movie did Michael "borrow" this plan?
Wall Street
Superman III
Lethal Weapon II
War Games

Question 6:

When Peter was being interviewed by efficiency experts known as the two Bobs in the movie Office Space, he revealed to them that he actually had more than one boss. How many bosses did Peter have?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 7:

Steve, who one evening tried to sell magazine subscriptions to Peter and his friends in the film Office Space, portrayed himself as a former crack cocaine addict who was already clean and sober. Steve, in fact, later admitted that he was not really a former crack addict, he just faked it to gain sympathy and increase his magazine sales. What was Steve's former job?
recording studio manager
appliance salesman
computer software engineer

Question 8:

Which employee from the movie Office Space was not fired or laid off?

Question 9:

Brian, the hyperactive and irritating waiter in the movie Office Space, worked at which restaurant?
Ruby Tuesday's
T. G. I. Friday's

Question 10:

Joanna's boss in the movie Office Space, Stan, the restaurant manager, counseled her on her work performance on two occasions. What was the reason for the counseling sessions?
Joanna was not claiming her tip money.
Joanna was constantly tardy to work.
Joanna had complaints from the customers due to her rude behavior.
Joanna was not wearing enough pieces of flair on her uniform.

Question 11:

Why was Peter always reluctant to open the front door every morning when he went to work in the movie Office Space?
because Peter was always shocked by static electricity when he touched the doorknob
because Peter would immediately see his cubicle and it reminded him how much he hated his job
because Lumbergh was always waiting for him on the other side of the door to greet him with an irritating "yeah, um"
because Peter dreaded seeing Nina, the "corporate accounts payable" girl, on the other side of the door

Question 12:

Peter's next-door neighbor Lawrence, played by Deitrich Bader in the movie Office Space, always seemed to know when Peter was at home. How did Lawrence know this?
The paper-thin walls of the apartment complex allowed Lawrence to hear everything going on in Peter's apartment.
Lawrence had an electronic signal that alerted him when Peter arrived home.
Lawrence had a "sixth sense" about Peter's whereabouts.
Lawrence planted a "bug" listening device in Peter's apartment without Peter knowing about it.

Question 13:

The writer and director of Office Space, Mike Judge, made a cameo appearance in the film.

Question 14:

In the movie Office Space, Peter, Michael and Samir harbored years of frustration and resentment due to a certain piece of office equipment. They finally had their revenge when they destroyed this object with a baseball bat. What type of equipment did they destroy?
a copier
a fax machine
a desk top computer
a paper shredder

Question 15:

In the film Office Space the two Bobs asked Peter to "walk through" a typical day at work. Peter admitted he generally came in 15 minutes late and spaced out for about an hour before and after lunch each work day. He then told the two Bobs that in a given week, he only did about how many minutes/hours of real work?
1 hour
2 hours
15 minutes
30 minutes


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